Be Different In A World Of Sames.

Mike Dillard Magnetic SponsoringTake a look around you. I mean take a real good look at people.  For the most part, people want to be like each other, don’t they?

From the cars we drive to the house we live in all the way down to the clothes that we put on every day, we conform to what our circle of influence (the people we’ve surrounded ourselves with) wears, drives and lives in.

Where is the individualism if we are just going around trying to keep up with our neighbors?

I am not saying these things are bad, I am just proving a point.

I say be different.

Why conform to what the world thinks you should be?  Why not just be who you were meant to be…YOU!

There is only one of you in the whole world.

I don’t feel that we were put here to fit in. We were put here to stand out and each contribute our part to society.

Now the big question.

What are you contributing?  Are you making this world a better place? Are you building your dream or someone elses?

Are you offering some sort of value to the world around you?

Deep inside everyone is a desire for their story to be told.  It’s a unique story and no one else has it.

By sharing your story with the world around you, you start sending out what I call “vibrations”

Those vibes are picked up by people around you and they will either be attracted to it or repelled by it. Either way, it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is the end effect.

Just Be Different…

Make it a great day,

Josh Boxer

Me, Mike Dillard and my wife Pamela

Me, Mike Dillard and my wife Pamela

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One Response to Be Different In A World Of Sames.

  1. Elle Billias says:

    So true Josh, the best thing you have to offer is YOURSELF! After all you’re the only you and that’s where the true value lies 🙂

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