Why Video Marketing is a Hot Topic Right now

video-marketingVideo marketing is a hot topic these days as its audience outweighs all 4 major news networks current audience.  That’s right.  There are more people that watch youtube videos than all of the 4 news networks put together.  Powerful stuff right?  Well it’s only powerful if you know how to use videos to market your product or service.

There are many video sharing sites out there but the grandpa of them all is YOUTUBE .

Youtube is not for your 14 year olds to put up silly movies they make with their friends.  It is a powerhouse of information.  Being that Youtube is owned by google, you have the very same search capabilities but on a video level.  You can find a video of just about anything these days.

The next piece of the pie, once you make a video is syndication.  How are you going to get your video out to the masses.  Well Traffic Geyser’s Mike Koenig took care of that for us.  His software, with the click of a button, will blast your video out to like 60-90 different video, blog, social bookmarking and podcast sites.  The search engines love content and that is what traffic geyser delivers at a massive level.

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There are a few key things to consider when you make a video and syndicate it.

1. Keywords – You must use keywords that are searched for.  You can use the free wordtracker tool or the google keyword tool to find out that information.

2. Your Title – Make it stand out above the crowd and it helps to use your keyword in it.

3. Your Description – Always start your description with your website.  Then use your keyword immediately after.  Less than 200 words is the best for the most bang on the sites delivered to as some will not accept your video if your description is too long.

4. Make sure your not competing against anything more than 300,000 pages in google on a keyword.

I can usually gain first page ranking in google, owning 2 to 6 spots on the front page of the keyword I am going for.  Traffic geyser makes it all possible.

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