Top 3 Skills To Master In Internet Marketing To Become an Internet Rockstar.

three fingersI know, it’s been a while since my last post here on my blog and I really have no excuse other then I decided that I was not going to just write to write.  I decided only to write when I had something that was just burning to come off my fingertips.

There are many skill sets necessary to become a proficient Internet Marketer and over the past few years I have realized that there are really only 3 that count. The three are (Drum Roll Please), Marketing {placing ads}, talking to people {picking up the phone and calling your leads or applicants} and following up with people and holding them accountable to their word.


There are a ton of ways to drive traffic to your website.  There is blogging, PPC, article writing, banner advertising, forum marketing, video marketing and so many more.  When I first got started in this industry over 3 years ago I had no money to invest in paid advertising so I started doing videos, writing articles and blogging.  At the time I spent 6 hours a day, pumping out content, creating, editing and submitting videos, spinning articles and social bookmarking.

To date I have produced well over 600 videos, written almost a thousand blog posts and written hundreds of articles.  This generated just a trickle of traffic and income.  What it really did was it branded me in the online market place.

The truth is, I got burnt out!

It wasn’t until I started doing PPC on Yahoo and Bing that my leadflow and business really started to take off.  I started with $100 a month, then $500 a month, then $1000 and so on.  The more I spent, the more I made.  It took very little time compared to my content creation fiasco and my results were four fold plus.

I think a lot of people get wrapped up in the myth that free marketing techniques are going to take them to the promised land in terms of traffic flow.  Let’s face it, if you don’t know how to build back links to your content and syndicate it well, your just not going to make it doing those things.

After years of figuring this stuff out, I am in a place now where all I do is direct response advertising using Banners and PPC as my main form of lead generation.  I now generate 15-20 leads a day (up from 2-3 doing free stuff) and my income went from just a few hundred a month to thousands.

Concentrate on your marketing, stop studying how to do it and just do it.

Talking to people

I think there are a lot of folks out there that think they will generate enough leads that they just don’t have to pick up the phone and talk to them.  Big mistake.  People do business with people they know, like and trust. How do you get people to know, like and trust you if you have not connected with them?

The answer is, unless you are Daegan Smith, Aaron Rashkin or someone in the industry generating hundreds of leads a day, your going to have a real hard time converting those leads into business.

Pick up the phone and try to have at least 3-5 quality conversations EVERY DAY!

This is the formula for success in this industry for people generating under 25 leads a day.  You have to connect with your prospects at their level.

Follow Up

Just because you leave someone a voice mail and you don’t get them on the first contact doesn’t mean that there is no interest.  Let’s face it, people are extremely busy.  Try people back if you don’t get them right away. Sometimes it takes a few calls to get through to people and they know that your approachable when you call them more then once.

Another thing is make sure you follow up with people after you make the sale.  Develop a relationship with them.  Find out what they need.  You can get a lot of repeat buyers if your customers know that you care about them.

In closing, we really only get paid to do three things:

Market, talk to people and follow up…….

Josh Boxer

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