How To Be An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not easy.  We think differently, act differently and quite honestly live different lives.  There are several characteristics of entrepreneurs that I am going to discuss today. The three most important characteristics are honesty, integrity and accountability.

Honesty is a trait that not everyone holds near and dear.  In business and in life, if you ever get busted not being honest, your going to have a real difficult time developing relationships with people.  Entrepreneurs know that it’s a trait that they must keep for the rest of their lives to have long term success.

Integrity is one of those things people these days have forgotten about.  I catch people totally out of integrity all the time. Just the other day, I was talking with a prospect on the phone and she wanted to talk more but had another appointment so before I let her off the phone I set another appointment with her for 2 days later.

I called her on that day at the time we arranged and no answer.  I left her a voicemail.  About an hour went by and I was thinking, “You know what?  She didn’t respect my time and I think I am going to just let her know that I didn’t appreciate it.”  I then sent her a nice email just telling her that I like to work with people that show up when they say they are going to show up and that just like her time is valuable, so are slots on my calendar and I would have appreciated a call letting me know that she would not be available.”

I am not afraid to call people on their crap and you shouldn’t be either.  She was out of integrity with herself and me. Anyways, no big deal, she just doesn’t qualify to speak with me.

Integrity is just being where you say your going to be when you say your going to be there.  Not too difficult, right?

Next on the list is accountability.  Can I count on you to get the job done?  When someone is in need, can they count on you to be there?

Without these traits or characteristics, you cant hardly expect to go far in life, let alone become a highly successful entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur you have to be willing to burn your bridges and think way outside of the “NORM”.  You cannot be a conformist and expect to make it in business.  If you take a look at the most successful people that have come before us, you will see that they didn’t really care to fit in, but chose to be different.

The world needs entrepreneurs like you.  Dare to be different and to stand out and make your mark on the world around you so that someday when you leave this earth, people will know that you made a difference in it.

Josh Boxer

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