3 Lessons My 80+ Year Old Grandmother Taught Me About Social Media.

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I have always been very close with my grandparents.   They are in their late 80’s, still sharp as a tack living down in Florida.  I call them every few weeks just to check in.

Grandpa – “Hello”

Me – “Grandpa, it’s Josh!”

Grandpa – “Josh!, Whats doin?”

Me – ” I was thinking about you and wanted to give you a buzz.”

Grandpa – ” Hold on, let me get the boss.” ….”ANNIE–It’s Josh!”

Grandma – ” Hi Josh, What’s doin?”

Me – ” I was just thinking about you and grandpa and wanted to give you a call”

Grandma – ” That’s nice, hows the family? Yada, Yada!”

Then Grandma blurts out:

“You write such crazy things on Facebook.  I read everything”

I respond, ” That’s because I am crazy grandma!”–Trying to be funny with her.

I post a lot of quotes from some of the greatest minds in the history of the world.  Guess she might be paying attention. You see, back in my grandparents days, their social network was their neighbors gathering around to play Rummy, Pinnacle or Bridge.  It must be amazing for my grandma to have the technology we now have at her fingertips.  Personally I don’t think she really understands Facebook at all but its fun to watch her.

Anyways, that conversation had me thinking about what I had just learned from just that one statement from my grandmother.  Facebook is not just for your high school and college kids anymore.  I remember just two years ago asking my sister who lives on Maui if she had heard of Facebook.  She had not until I told her.

With over a 1/2 billion users, Facebook is the worlds largest social network and second most visited website on the planet next to Google.  My grandma had me thinking about three specific lessons I quickly learned.

1. Don’t underestimate who is watching you on Facebook.

If my 80 something year old grandmother is paying attention to what is going on online, you can bet there are other people you don’t even know that know you.  Facebook can be very viral as you are connected in a small way to all of your friends friends and if they like something you have to say and they “like” it, all their friends can see what they “liked”.

2. It’s ok to be different, It’s Your Brand.

While my grandmother may have thought I was writing crazy things, I was just adding value to the world around me. Spreading truth and knowledge.  You are going to always have critics in life.  People who are not going to agree with your values, morals or thought process.  That’s whats great about the web. People who you repel, you don’t to deal with and those that are attracted are the ones you pay attention to.  You have free choice.

3. Whether you know it or not, you are impacting people on different levels.

Social media has allowed us to communicate with people we don’t even know yet, yet everyone has the same opportunity to get to know each other very quickly.  You have the opportunity to educate, connect and communicate with people all over the world.  Information sharing is very very quick and can be shot across earth at the speed of light.   Social media allows you to share inspiration and love as well.   Whether you know it or not, there are people who are being affected by everything you share within a social network.

Social media has gone viral all over the world and is a very powerful way to brand you, your company, a product, service or thought for that matter.  Those who learn to master it today, will reap huge benefits tomorrow.  Facebook will have more users than Google in the very near future and millions will be made on the Platform by users and owners.

PS. My friend Jonathan Budd is in the middle of launching a revolutionary course call GetTraffic 3.0 and will change the way people make money with Facebook, FOREVER.  I highly recommend it. I’m getting it and so is every other leader I know.

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  1. Deloris Leggett says:

    Very interesting story Josh. Yes, it does make you think but it does make very good sense to make people realize just how the internet works.

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