How mobile technology has changed our lives.

I was born in 1972, Graduated from college in 1995 and didn’t get my first cell phone until 1997, which by the way was 3 years before my first daughter was born.  I remember the bag phones that cost 5 grand and came with $1000/m bills. I remember phone’s in cars that looked like what house phones used to look like.   That was back in the 1980’s.

Bag Phone 1980

1980’s bag phone. 20lbs

Today I live with 3 women; My wife Pamela and two daughters Hannah (15) and Kaylee (12). Technology has taken over our lives.  My wife easily spends a good 6-8 hours of the day on her now Samsung 6, and Samsung Tablet.  Hannah sucks up most of the family’s data, using over 8 GIGS a month of data and right behind her we have Kaylee with 6.8 GIGS.   I love my Iphone 6, its awesome, however, I honestly would rather not have to have a cell phone.

I remember when there was a pay phone on every corner and if you needed to make a call, you drop a quarter in and take care of your business.  Life was slower back then, way slower. Today, we live in the fast lane. With access to information like we have, anything is possible for the masses. You could literally get a self taught education for nothing if you spent the time to watch all the videos available on the web today.

When I grew up, if you needed to make a call, you’d either knock on someone’s door and ask to use their phone or there was a payphone on just about every block, Gas Station, Hotel and restaurant.  Today we are living in  a high touch world.  We want more, faster, stronger, tastier.   Everything we do and talk about has an “er” at the end of it.  Faster, Smarter, Quicker, Darker, Earlier, Later (Catch my drift?)  Day by day we keep trying to out do ourselves from the day before. In essence, we are stuck in vicious cycle of rushing from place to place, thought to thought and round it goes.



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