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OK. I am guilty as charged.

Ok, so I have to admit that I have been a little slack about keeping my blog up to date with useful, valuable content. I apologize for that and hope you will forgive me ; ). I have been busy … Continue reading

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Your Internet Marketing Coach

Having an Internet marketing coach is like having a paddle on a canoe, you need it. It will help to shorten the learning curve big time. When I first got started marketing online, it was like learning another language. I was lost and overwhelmed. Coming from the mlm world, I was used to having a coach/up-line who mentored me in every part of my life. Continue reading

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The Astonishing Attitude of Action

Taking action on things you are afraid to do is the first step in becoming successful over every area of your life. Action cures fear, everytime. Continue reading

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SEO and Content Syndication: Debunking The Duplicate Content Myth

Recently a consulting client of mine asked me if I agreed with a colleague of his about Google disliking duplicate content and to reduce or refrain the amount of content he syndicates (distributes) on the Web. I think there’s a … Continue reading

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Successful People do it anyways

Some mornings I wake up and I dont want to go to the gym and I just want to sleep in.  Over the years, I have learned that if I compromise on one area in my life, I will do … Continue reading

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Josh Boxer and Jay Kubassek in Lake Tahoe


Josh Boxer-678-654-9859

Just shot this quick clip of Jay Kubassek and I in Lake Tahoe, Nevada at a top notch convention where most of the top internetmarketers in the world met for an 8 hour mastermind marketing event.

It was nothing less than awesome. Carbon Copy Pro is the top online marketing education program in the world. Hands down Carbon Copy Pro can take the total beginner and turn them into a Rockstar on the internet withing their first few months.


If you ever want to make $100K per month, you need to know how to market. There is no secret..Hard work, determination and a willingness to fail as much as you win. Continue reading

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