Busy CEO’s and Their Tricks To Be Active In Social Media.

social mediaBelieve it or not, CEO’s like Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson and Marriot CEO Bill Marriott have found time in their busy schedule to have some of the most popular blogs on the web.

How have they done it? Time management of course. Here is what one CEO has to say:

“My schedule is unpredictable at the moment,” says Barry Sutton, CEO of Hellbound Wine & Spirits whose company is in the process of launching a new wine brand.  “I take every opportunity when I have any downtime to talk with users on our Twitter page. During this downtime I am swimming in a sea of information: business, viniculture, design, politics, entertainment, so I take the opportunity to post up information that is of interest to me [and] hopefully is also of interest to our customers and fans.”

1. Allocate specific designated time to social media – Take fifteen minute blocks of time and dive into your social media a few times a day. Be careful not to get distracted while doing this.
2. Be clear about what you want to do on these sites – Make a list of which social media sites you want to use and know why. This will give you time for PR and extending your company’s customer service.
3. Don’t make it all about you and your company – Talk about some of your competitors and things you like that they are doing. This will give you credibility. Create dialog and try to extend conversations.
4. Use Social Media with an end result in mind – Why are you updating your network on a specific subject? What do you want from sharing this information? Tweet with new business ideas in mind and share your experience.
5. Hire a Social media expert to “Ghost Tweet and Ghost Facebook Post” – If using this method be sure to come back and respond to any responses or feedback.
Head Back over to Business Insider For the Original Content on this awesome post for CEO’s. Author Shira Levine Shared the original post and is an awesome writer in NYC.

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