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Traffic Generating Secrets …

I contemplated whether I would even share this with my readers but I figured what why not.

What are most online marketers lacking? Well that’s easy.. Traffic to their websites. I struggled with this for months when I first put my blog up.

Over the course of time I found a system that not only drives traffic, it increases your websites page rank as well as traffic value. In other words-Google starts to pay attention and rank you which is a really good thing.

I have to tell you though.  You don’t want to drive traffic to a crappy website if you ever plan on having long term success on the internet.  There is plenty of competition and if your site doesn’t stand out, people will quickly leave and check out some one else.

So step #1 – You want to have a professionally done site.  You are going to have to invest in you and your branding/positioning.  This is the biggest thing I see people miss.  They get online and have no credibility so the only way to stand out is to earn trust. It’s all about how you position yourself.

Step #2 – Your content needs to add a lot of value.  You don’t want to have visitors to your site one time. You want them to keep up with your content, subscribe to your RSS Feeds and become a part of your little community. I am never afraid to let people know what is working for me. The law of reciprocity always kicks in. This law states that when you freely give, people automatically feel they want to give back.  It’s human nature.

Step #3  – Ok, here is where I get to the nitty gritty. If I lose you, sorry, one day it will make sense to you. First off, anytime I create a piece of content whether that be a video, article, blog post, or a Squidoo lens like Who is Josh Boxer.

I always social bookmark my content using Social Marker. With the click of a button I can bookmark my stuff to 42 of the top social bookmarking sites on the web.

I take the articles I write and put them through a program called Automatic Article Submitter. This program is the #1 tool I have found to create hundreds of backlinks to your site with ease. AAS has a spin feature in which you can write different variations of your content.

When AAS spins it, it creates unique variations which are sent out automatically to about 300 of the top article directories on the internet.  Pay attention here.  In the author signature box is where you will put your anchor text back to the website with the original content on it.

Let’s say you create a piece on your blog, you will point back to your original post on your blog in the resource box.

Step #4 – I use camtasia which is the best screen recorder software on the planet. I always record a blog post on my blog and do a little narrative on it.  I then take that and produce it into a video.

I take that video to my favorite program in the world – Traffic Geyser.  It’s the best $100 a month I spend in business and has paid for itself hundreds of times over. It will blast your video out to :

24 of the top video sites online, Up to three of your blogs, 11 Podcast Sites, an Your RSS Feed.

I can rank in Google using this method within 24 hours. Not just ranking, first page ranking with multiple spots. When using this method with traffic geyser, I link the video back to the blog post that I originally did the camtasia recording from. This builds even more back links.

Gang, listen here. Google Indexes about 8 Billion Websites. My blog ranks in the top 5% of all websites on the internet.  I am not a big-shot those are just the facts. My alexa ranking is 767,000. That means that out of all the websites on the internet, that is were I am at.  It is dropping every week.

Using this exact method I drive tons of traffic to where ever I want it to go and you can too.  I have laid it all out for you.  I know that only 3% of the people reading this will actually do exactly what I just laid out.  Another reason why I am not afraid of a little friendly competition.

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Father, Husband and open to all beliefs and religions. I love marketing, copywriting and helping others. My ultimate goal is to build a home in Makena Maui and spend at least 6 months of the year there.
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10 Responses to My Exclusive Traffic Generation Blue Print

  1. Shantha says:

    I am told that using Automatic Article Submitter and other automated article submission tools, is likely to generate spam and not reach the articles to the appropriate destination directories. Any likelihood of that?

  2. dhirschfeld says:

    John, if you happen to be making money from the affiliate links in this article, you should be because the information you distilled is really valuable. I wonder if you aren't keeping anything else back. Even if you are, thanks for this info. I really appreciate it.

    BTW – I'm working on a new competitive blogging concept that I think you would be interested in. I don't want to explain it here because it's still an NDA discussion. If you're interested to learn about it please give me a call. My name is David Hirschfeld. You can reach me at (480) 570-8557. This isn't an advertisement. If you call the number, you will reach me directly. If you get my voice mail, leave a message and I'll call back soon. I'm at a MS conference this week so you might get my voice mail if you call during the day.

  3. shanehale says:

    Very nice post, Traffic Geyser rocks

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  5. video_editing says:


    Love your article. I do some of the things you mention here and have been able to moderately increase my traffic. I think adding some of your ideas will help me get to another traffic level. Although I am able to get my sites to the front page of the search engines I still don't get sufficient traffic from that so I need to find additional ways of increaseing traffic.

    BTW I love Camtasia Video. It's a great tool for easily creating recordings from your PC then producing a video for the Web, YouTube, a CD or any other venue you need. It can take a bit of time to master the editing and production side but when you do you can make some really cool stuff.

    Thanks again for sharing your “secrets”. Gotta say tho I wish this were a bit less complicated and time consuming. As they say “There ain't no easy money”.

    Best Regards

  6. Liam Ream says:

    Thanks Josh,
    Very welcome words of wisdom!
    I have over one thousand innovations to share and have not had the where-with-all to put it out there. I have limited capital to start with and refuse to take loans…so it may be slow going…but you've left the trail markers.
    Appreciate it, brother!
    PS Case in point: I've had this and eight other sites for two years and have done zilch to develop them. Yet, each site has years of excellent content to be added!

  7. jboxer says:

    Hey Liam. it's all about staying consistant and persistent at what your doing and not spreading yourself to thin. If you are trying to be the master of everything, you will be the master of none. By the way, your website link doesnt work. Thanks for the comment

  8. stephenshooster says:

    Brilliant, accessible. It's always the best ideas that are the most approachable.

  9. stephenshooster says:

    Brilliant, accessible. It's always the best ideas that are the most approachable.

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