Is Your Network Marketing Lead Generation Up To Par?

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There are many ways to generate leads in your network marketing business.  Some hold on to traditional techniques as this is what they are comfortable doing.  Is there anything wrong with it? Nope.  It all depends on what kind of momentum you want to have in your business and how fast you want to grow your organization.

I have built my business both ways.  I used to spend every spare moment I had in what I call “contact mode”. I was always talking to people everywhere I went. I simply started conversations and looked to find out a few things about a person. I wanted to know if they were happy doing what they were doing for a living, if they were making all of the money they wanted and living the life they wanted.  I would guide them down a path in a conversation to find out what made them tick.

Did I have success using these techniques?  I had some success, but could never create enough momentum, nor have others duplicate what I was doing to build my list of potential business partners.  I learned a lot about people during this portion of my life. Mostly, I realized that most folks were comfortable doing what they were doing, or, were afraid and skeptical about starting a new venture in which they were unfamiliar.

The funny thing is, when you got done interviewing someone or showing them your business plan, they first thing they would do is call either their best friend or significant other to try and explain what it is you showed them and ask for their opinion.  This is the downfall of most people.  They listen to others who have no experience in business and take financial advise from them.


I learned this early on.   Learning how to generate leads for my network marketing business was a science.  I quickly learned that there were way more people online looking for what I had to offer, than in my town.  Sure you could tap into lists of other people, but you had no credibility with those people.  When online, a cool thing happens.  Your message can reach the far ends of earth with the click of a button and you can control your sales funnel, meaning guide people through your system at the rate in which you want them to go.

For me, there has never been a better way to generate leads than online.  Some people laugh and don’t understand how I can build a relationship with people online.  They don’t understand they powerful systems and tools that we as online marketers use.

Most people are real good at promoting their business, however, fail to realize that people are not looking for businesses, they are looking for leaders.  I see it all of the time.  People send me to their company replicated web pages and there are only two options, join their business or contact them for more info.  I am not saying this is wrong, however, what separates these folks from every other Tom, Dick and Sarah that are using the same exact replicated site?  The answer is nothing.

You have to separate yourself from the masses.  Stop doing what everyone else is doing and be unique.  Use the road less traveled.  Step into unfamiliar ground and learn a new skill set.  Learn how to tap into the billions of people that are online looking for what you have to offer.  Have a system in place to help people get exactly what they want out of business.

Network marketing lead generation is crucial to your having a thriving business in the 21st century.  Your either going to be the hunter or the hunted.  I prefer the ladder of the two.  How about You?

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    Agree! Customers have short attention spans. Here are 5 tricks to keep them engaged.

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    Good post. Whitepapers too can help in getting more targeted leads.

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