Why Closing Is The Most Important Skill To Learn In Network Marketing.

sponsoring and recruiting in the network marketing industryIt doesn’t matter how many leads you generate or how many people you talk to on the phone each day about their interest in business, if your not a CLOSER, you will never make any money in this industry.

Most MLM’ers or Network Marketers are so concerned with generating leads that they forget about the most important part of the business.  How do I know this is the case?  Because that was me.  I had no idea what closing was.  It’s a skill that has to be developed.

It is the LETHAL WEAPON in business and those who have this skill HAVE THE POWER!

In Network marketing, your product is not really your product.  Whether your selling vitimins, super juice, gold, silver or info products, it makes no difference.  Your product is people.

Your not paid to move product, your paid to move people that move products. With that said, do you think you should concentrate on all the awesome benefits and features of your product with your prospect or should you concentrate on people.

I think its a no brainer.

Most network marketers spend 90% of their time trying to figure out how to generate leads and drive traffic.  They spend $0 on courses that teach you about sponsoring and recruiting.  If you want to become successful in this business, your going to have to open up your wallet and start increasing your skill sets.  A really killer course to learn the skill of recruiting and sponsoring is Black Best Recruiting.

I find it humorous that people will shell out tens of thousands of dollars for a college education, but when it comes to spending a few thousand on a information product to help increase their skill sets, all the sudden 2 grand seems like a lot of money. Really?  College teaches you how to think.  Online courses especially involving our industry in network/internet marketing teaches you how to make money.  Which would you rather have?

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself.  Your the only asset that can never decrease in value.





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