Is The Trump Network Just Another MLM Company?

trump-networkOver the past few weeks I have gotten phone calls, emails and been approached in the social networks about The Trump Network.  Understand, I am going to share my opinion here and by no means do I wish to trash talk what Donald Trump has put together here .

Donald Trump is a business tycoon and if you remember years ago, he almost went bankrupt.  Why?  He had too much debt and was not well diversified.  On the other hand, “The Don” is not stupid.  Guys like him, know that they are only as strong as their network.  Over the past few years he has joined forces with “Rich Dad’s” Author Robert Kiyosaki and co-wrote a book together.

After studying the industry, Donald Trump realized he was missing a huge part of the market by not having his own MLM company.  Take into conscideration that Donald Trump has never been a network marketer and has never built an organization in this industry.  This gives him absolutely no credibility as far as I am concerned.

He states that he wants others to be wealthy and I believe him, however, when it all comes down to it, Donald Trump created the Trump Network to increase his leverage and net worth.

His product line is nutritional suppliments.  If you know anything about the health and wellness industry, it is Totally saturated and I mean totally.  There is nothing special about his product line and I will go toe to toe with his products versus any of Amway’s Nutrilite products, Advocare, Herbalife or any other suppliment and wellness company’s products.

Folks think that just because the Trump Network Launched and it’s a ground floor opportunity, that they have a better chance of success, WRONG!  What I can tell you is that the Trump Network is attracting folks with a “Get Rich Quick” Mentality.  Why? People think that because Donald Trump is a big name in the business world that he must be putting his name behind a “Sure thing opportunity”.  WRONG AGAIN!

Sure there are going to be people that get wealthy in the Trump Network.  You know who those folks will be?  It will be the people that have large Rolodex’s of people that they have credibility with and those who know how to market on and offline, PERIOD!

The average person who is drawn to The Trump Network will make no money.  Why?  Because the average person has not prepared themselves through education and the learning process necessary to make it in the Network Marketing world.

I am not at all impressed by Trump’s new company or it’s products.  I am not bashing it, however, I am not endorsing it either.  I think the compensation plan is weak as well.  How many vitamins and nutritional products do you have to move through your organization to have a $10K + month?  The Answer is a whole bunch.

On the Other hand, for those people who are in the Trump Network Already and are buying trumps leads through his program, I am here to tell you not to waste your money.  You have absolutely no credibility with those leads.  Sure you may sign up a few folks but you will go broke before you gain any momentum unless you are using a funded proposal system on the front end.

Top Earners in this industry never lead with their primary business.  Why? Because that is what everyone does.  We lead with educational tools and systems that Internet Marketers need to grow their business online.  The Internet is where the Top Network Markers Play.

If your in The Trump Network and you have already burned through your friends, family and co-workers and you don’t know where else to market your business, perhaps it is time that you learned how to tap into the 1.5 billion people online.

Listen. You can’t just hop on Facebook and Twitter and expect that people are going to jump on board with your Trump Network Business because it’s the latest and greatest.  People don’t give a rip.  You have to learn how to position and brand yourself online so that people are chasing you to get in your Trump Network Business.  The misconception is that people will only join you if you have already had success in your business. That is absolutely WRONG! It’s all how you position yourself online. People follow leaders who have something of value to offer them, PERIOD!

Those people who want to hook up with the top players have a get rich quick mentality and think that just because they get on a top earners team that they will have a better chance of success.  The fact is, success is up to you.  How hard are you willing to work to make your dreams come true?  How long are you willing to work until you reach your goals?  Are you putting a time limit on your success?

All of these factors determine your success in any company. You choose to win, no one else will win for you.

Josh Boxer

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5 Responses to Is The Trump Network Just Another MLM Company?

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  2. Garry says:

    I agree, and disagree with this:
    “It will be the people that have large Rolodex’s of people that they have credibility with and those who know how to market on and offline, PERIOD!”

    Agree – it's ALL about know, like, and trust! It's all about building a community (Rolodex).

    Disagree – people are making millions saying they can teach “how to market on and offline”…

    Where does passion and belief in the product enter in the equation??

  3. jboxer says:

    Garry, passion and belief in the product is kind of an old school way of thinking. People join people, not businesses. Sure you want to have an in-demand product and sure, belief is key, but it's belief in the person who is leading you to the promised land more than the product line.

  4. So true here, this opportunity has garnered a ton of attention in the recent past because of the Donald Trump name, not necessarily because of the success of the Trump Network itself.

    Goes to show that a celbrity endoresement can go a long way to getting attention to yourself, however ultimately, you are going to need to learn how to market the products or business, just like any other network marketing business.

    The average person won't make money with this, like you said, until they learn some skills, whether it is lead generation, phone skills, or whatever.

    Good article here.

  5. jboxer says:


    Your right. Donald has no real credibility in the Network Marketing world as far as I am concerned. The people that went after his opportunity have no idea about how NM works, they just went off of Donalds business credibility. If you cashed in all of Donald Trumps Revolving Debt, he wouldn't look so great on paper. Plus he went into the most competative market ever. Who needs another lotion, potion or pill.

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