Carbon Copy Pro, An Incubator For Entrepreneurs.

Carbon Copy Pro is the Premier Internet Marketing Education System on the Internet and in The World.

I often find it funny when I talk to people online about Carbon Copy Pro and there is a huge misconception out there.  CCpro is not a business, it’s an education system. And it’s not just an education system, it is the only system that I know of that has within it’s community the top experts in every internet medium,  who are doing the training. You want to learn Google? We have Cherie Yvette (The Urban Cowgirl) and Ferny Caballos and Ray Fong. Hands down these folks know almost as much about Google as Google does. Want to learn copywriting? We have David Schwind, one of the best copywriters on the planet. Want custom graphics, blogs, and to outsource what you dont want to do yourself? Carbon Copy Pro offers the entrepreneur the backbone to having a thriving internet business. It’s not a money making system.  DID YOU HEAR THAT? CCPro is not a money making system, it’s an educational system.

I almost have to laugh when people ask me if I am doing Carbon Copy Pro. Yes, CCPro is giving me the equivalent of a Masters degree in internet marketing education. It also teaches it’s members how to market anything to anyone anywhere in the world.

No matter what online business your in, the education needed for success online is within our community. 95% of internet marketers will not be successful and will flat out fail? Why? Lack of education and training.

Yes Josh, I want an Internet Marketing Education.


We Hate Spam as much as you do and will never sell or share your information with anyone.

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