“The Slight Edge” – Why do some make it and others struggle or fail.

The Slight Edge is a book written by Jeff Olson and it’s quite the masterpiece.  In the beginning of the book it talks about several stories of struggle and victory.

Somewhere out in the Mid-West in a barn sits two frogs.  Both have their eye on a bucket of milk which was just taken from a cow in the stall.  While the farmer left to do some other chores, both Frogs leaped in and started drinking the milk.  When done, they were embellished as well as tired.

The Frogs didn’t think about how they were going to get out of the bucket, especially since they drank down half of it and now had even further to leap out.  Both Frogs tried and tried, kicking  and clawing at the sides to get out.  Tired from exhaustion, one of the frogs gives up and sinks to the bottom of the bucket.  The other frog, determined to get out, kicks and kicks, stroke after stroke and finally gives up.

As that last frog relaxes his legs and prepares to sink to the bottom like his culprit, he notices something.  He is lying on solid butter. Using the last bit of strength he uses the leverage of the firm butter to leap out, leaving his compani0n behind for the farmer to later discover.

Why is it that some people make it in this world and others struggle.  What is it?  Is it talent, education, determination?

What it comes down are the small things.  It’s taking that one last step when you think you can’t.  It’s staying up just one more minute and reading that last paragraph in your book.  It’s staying after class when everyone else is in a hurry to get out. It’s staying up later and waking up earlier than you ever have before.  It’s called “The Slight Edge”.

While people think that successful people are lucky or just have a knack for things, what they don’t realize is that champions are not made on game day.  They are made in the locker room and in practice after practice.

It’s the little things you commit to doing every single day without compromise that create winners in this world.  You don’t have to do a lot at once to become a highly successful individual.  It has to do with just hitting singles every day. One after the other.  Time has the ability to compound everything in life. Time is the game changer.  It’s what sets us apart.

Stop being a sprinter and trying to win the short race.  Think marathon.  To win a marathon and go the distance, you have to train for months and sometimes years, depending on the event.  Those that can go the distance are the ones that come out on top through the storms and over the brick walls in which most are defeated.

Go and get “The Slight Edge” in life. It’s yours for the taking.

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  1. Your story is very inspiring, I read it to my little girl because she likes frogs. It makes very good sense to keep going and don’t give up. Thanks

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