The Best Porterhouse Steak Recipe On The Planet.

The Best Porterhouse Steak Recipe

Best Porterhouse Steak Recipe

First let’s distinguish the difference between a Porterhouse and a T-Bone:

The two cuts look very similar: a T-shaped bone with a larger piece of meat on one side and a smaller one on the other. But there is a significant difference. Both cuts come from the short loin, the tender section of muscle between the rib and the sirloin. The short loin is composed of the top loin and the ultra tender tenderloin, (better known as fillet mignon when cut into steaks). The large side of the T-bone and porterhouse is the top loin (NY Strip Steak) and the smaller side is the tenderloin (Filet Mignon). But because the T-bone is cut from the center of the short loin, as opposed to the porterhouse which is cut from the larger end, the T-bone will have a smaller piece of the tenderloin than the porterhouse. Usually one to two bites. Therefore, if they are priced the same, you will get more of the tenderloin for your money with the porterhouse.

Ok, now for the Best Porterhouse Steak recipe.

Best Porterhouse Steak Recipe

First let me say that I can’t take credit for this recipe. Michael Symon from Symon’s Suppers is the Chef that created this delish recipe. It is indeed the king of Porterhouse Steaks.

Best Porterhouse Steak Recipe Step 1

Go to your local butcher or super market and ask them to cut you 2- 2-1/2 inch Porterhouses. I prefer “Certified Angus Beef” not “Angus” which supermarkets use as a marketing ploy in which the cow has to be more then 50% angus steer unlike the 100% Certified Angus which undergoes some of the strictest (more guidelines then Prime).

Take those babies home and season them generously with Kosher Salt and Cracked Pepper. I like to keep the seasonings simple as you don’t want to cut into the natural flavor of this cut of meat.

Let the steaks sit out until room temperature as this relaxes the meat and allows for the salt and pepper to work its way into your beef.

Best Porterhouse Steak Recipe Step 2

You want to make a “Shmear”

Take 2 whole bulbs of Garlic and cut the tops off. Take a piece of Aluminum foil, place the bulbs in there, drizzle with extra virgin Olive Oil, sprinkle with Kosher salt and cracked pepper and make a Tee-Pee with the foil and throw in the oven for 1 hour at 350.

When your Garlic is done, squeeze out the roasted garlic into a food processor, add 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil and 1 Tablespoon of melted butter. I use my Ninja. throw in the parsley and pulse until it turns into the “Shmear”. It should be like a paste.

(Put this aside for later)

Take 1 pound of Bacon and cook it. Put bacon aside and pour the bacon fat into a holding container.

Grab yourself a cast iron skillet (A big one) Cracker Barrel sells them for around $30.

Put the Bacon Fat in the Skillet and get it hot.

Take your two Porterhouse steaks and place them in the hot bacon fat cooking them for 5 minutes on each side.

Best Porterhouse Steak Recipe Step 3

Turn your broiler on, take the cast iron skillet with steaks in it and throw it under the broiler for 5 minutes on each side.

Take the Skillet out of the oven and put on top of the stove. Grab your “Shmear” and rub it on top of the hot Porterhouses and let sit for 4 minutes. The “Shmear” will soak into the Porterhouses as they cool slightly.

Get out your cutting board and slice the Strip and the Filet off the bone and slice into pieces and put onto a platter.

Best Porterhouse Steak Recipe Step 4 – Side Salad

Take 1/2 the bacon you cooked and chop it up.

Grab a head of Iceburg lettuce and cut into quarters. Place them on a long glass dish quarter side up and drizzle with Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing (I like Maytag Blue Cheese).

Then pour your bacon bits over the dressing with some chopped chives on top of that.

And there you have it. This is one of my favorite meals and one of the best porterhouse steak recipe’s and salads on the planet!


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