“I Am The Big Kahuna”- Glenn Paris Style

Glenn Paris-Extreme Surfer/Success Coach, Lifestyle Weaver.

"The Big Kahuna"

"The Big Kahuna"

Glenn Paris is a good friend of mine and legend in his own right and has overcome In-surmountable odds to make it to top earner status in not only the mortgage world, but the highly competitive world of Internet Marketing.  Funny thing is, Glenn up until this point has made his millions under the radar.

I love a story of struggle and then the sweet victory.

Glenn grew up like most, good family roots and a memorable childhood.  Fast forward 26 years, Glenn’s brother passes away and totally devastated Glenn.  He and his brother were tighter than a double knot and it was as if he had lost a part of himself.

Pulling himself together, he decides to drudge through Chiropractic school at Life University in Georgia.  After two years of study, still struggling with his brothers departure from earth, he quits school.  Glenn ends up working at Dixie land lumber for $7.00 per hour.

Some time goes by and one day his boss calls him into the office. “Glenn, I’ve noticed your work and there seems to be something terribly bothering you, are you alright?” Glenn breaks down and tells his boss how he had lost his brother a few years back and was still distraught.  His boss offers to put him in a company funded program to help Glenn.  Glenn says no way and ends up quitting and his lumberyard career ended.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, I took the one less traveled and that has made all of the difference – Robert Frost

So leaving the lumberyard, feeling like he is going crazy (literally), he was in his car driving down the road and the road split, one way was to go and get help to his unresolved loss and the other was to meet up with a friend of his.  He hooked up with a friend of his who was selling MCI with Amway.   Glenns cells shifted in his body, he had a rebirth awakening.  That same evening, he was an Amway Rep, knocking on doors and selling MCI.  He became a top earner in the company.

Eventually the market shifted and after having much success in Amway, Glenn shifted his efforts to the Mortgage Business.  The “Big Kahuna” made $2 Million Dollars in 5 years and then KABOOM! The bottom falls out of the mortgage industry.  But fear not as Glenn knew if he could make it in Amway, Make it in the mortage business, he could do anything.  That’s when Glenn got into Top Tier Direct sales and Internet marketing.

Glenn Paris, aka “I am The Big Kahuna”, runs with the top internet marketers in the world and mentors only a small group of people every year so If your looking for a leader, look no further than to Glenn.  The guy is a rockstar.  He also surfs some of the biggest dam waves in the most exotic places on earth.

Success always leaves a trail, it always leaves clues.   Glenn if you ever read this, I appreciate you brother.

-The Maui Marketer

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