A Man’s Responsibility – The Journey to from boy to man

mans responsibilityAs the years have passed by rather quickly, especially the past 20 years, I have reflected on the different stages of life I’ve been through and where I am today.

Prior to getting married to my wife Pamela and having our 2 girls, Hannah and Kaylee, I had just finished a 10 year marathon.

From leaving Hawaii at the end of my 10th grade year in HS to be placed in another school in NY to finish HS and then off to college, that process was from 1988 through 1996.

I had graduated, started working in Hotels and got into management.  Shortly after I met my wife, had our first daughter in 2000 and moved from NY to Georgia back in 2001.

Our second child Kaylee came in 2003.  I have to admit. I was a selfish  husband and father back then.  In fact, I don’t think I really ever grew up.

I was irresponsible with my money, my time, my relationships with my wife and my children and my life was really a mess.

I’m not sure what happened, but I went through a season right before my 40th birthday where I grew up.  I went from being a boy and someone who never took responsiblity for his actions and always blamed circumstances on someone or something else, to someone who started caring about moments.

I realized that I just wasted a whole lot of time on worthless things and that the real treasures were right in front of me.

I look back and realized that I should have spent more time with my girls growing up.  I should have paid more attention to my wife Pamela during our first ten years of marriage.  I took a lot for granted.

I don’t look back in regret. I look back and see that there were powerful lessons being learned.  I was maturing and realizing things like money is not to be chased.  It’s to be respected, shared and saved.

I realized that time was the only commodity that I couldn’t get back.  I realized that money will come and go but moments, once they happen are gone.

I wanted to start creating very deliberate moments with my wife, children and people that mattered.

So in essence, I started this journey of investing my time, my money and my heart into things that really mattered.  I started paying attention to my girls.  I started paying attention to my wife.

All these things have come through a total transformation from me being a super self centered, ego driven and selfish guy to a more loving father and husband willing to share his heart and mind with his family.

At almost 44 years old, lets face it.  I’m at half life here.  I want every second of every day to count.  I want to leave my mark on my family so that I will be talked about for generations and not just fizzle out.

The moral of my story is to live in the present, forget about the trials of the past as they have no power over the future.

Be Blessed,

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