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An Internet Marketing Coach is essential to your success online

Having an Internet marketing coach is like having a paddle on a canoe, you need it.  It will help to shorten the learning curve big time.  When I first got started marketing online, it was like learning another language.  I was lost and overwhelmed.  Coming from the mlm world, I was used to having a coach/up-line who mentored me in every part of my life.

When I dove into the Internet marketing world, it was like I was a little tadpole in a pool of sharks.  I think the biggest lesson I learned is that I was not alone and it was OK to reach out for some help.  Aaron Rashkin is my coach and although I don’t speak to him very often, I have access to him through his websites and blogs which are loaded with all the information or resources I have needed to succeed.

What most people do is become dependent business owners.  They will call their sponsors constantly asking questions that they could simply find answers to.  By studying the top producers in the business and accessing the tools, tips and tricks of the trade, I now have the tools and knowledge to coach others, hence, now I am the Internet marketing coach.

You see, in order to become a leader or coach, you first have to be led and be coach-able.  I have learned to be a great student and ask lots of questions when I have the opportunity.  Someone can learn something from anyone.

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