Writing Outline for Articles-10 Secret Strategies Only the Master’s Know

Writing Outline for Articles


10 Secret Strategies


Only the Master’s Know


Step 1-The Title

  • It is the first 3 to 5 words in your title that are going to choose whether your going to have traffic success or failure in your strategy.
  • The above will dramatically affect your search engine ranking and click rate.

A Lame (Meaning it totally sucks)Title Example:

  • 10 Top Secret Steps to Dominate Google by following a writing outline for Articles.

A Killer Title (Killer meaning awesome):

  • Writing Outline for Articles-Top 10 Secret Strategies

Do you see the difference?  Which one would you have read if your eye caught them both on a page? Not only will your end user be more likely to read your article, but the search engines will love you as well.

Step 2-Focus on the right Keywords

  • You can write the best article in the world and no one will see it if you don’t do your keyword research, no one will find your article.
  • Always focus your search on high traffic keywords.  Use  the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find out what’s being searched.

Step 3-Carefully load your content

  • Use your keyword in the first 3 paragraphs of your article.
  • Place the keyword 1 time for every 250 words after.
  • Ensure that your content flows naturally.

When Possible Anchor text link-out using that keyword phrase.

Step 4-Don’t Overload your keyword

  • Remember, more is not always better when it comes to keywords, you can learn to be a master at all in writing outlines, and every other internet marketing strategy with my marketing system.

Step 5-Give People a Call to Action

  • I have to be honest, when I was new to writing, I used to splatter my keywords. Through out my article and bam, google spat me out like yesterdays news.
  • Offer them a reason to come visit your site.
  • Give them something for free.
  • Bless them with something additional.

Offer Your Audi

  • Give them savings.

Step 6-Use Anchor text links

Bad Example-> Click Here to Get my top ten secrets on article writing

Good Example->Here are my top ten secrets to article writing.

Step 7-Make sure you have different versions of keywords linking to your site.

Get creating with different ways to captivate your tantalize your audience as well as the search engines with your writing. In your anchor texts, mix up the related keywords that are in conjunction with your original keyword.

Step 8-Your Article Style

  • Keep it in the 7th to 9th Grade level of reading.
  • Always tell a story of some sort. Remember, you want to captivate your audience.
  • Give some tips and tricks.
  • Offer examples

Questions and Answers work well

Don’t write like your English Teacher is going to grade it, write informally. Write like your speaking naturally in your content.

Step 9-Write Short paragraphs

  • No More than 2-3 sentences per paragraph.
  • It’s Ok to use one sentence.
  • Make Sure your sentences flow.

Step 10-The Grand Finale

Focus on titles, keywords and links

Write naturally

Be interesting

Write naturally

Our system is #1 in the world for teaching people step by step on how to succeed in the very competitive world of online marketing.



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