“Top Network Marketing Companies” and how to choose one

With the market flooded with all sorts of opportunities, how do you choose a top network marketing company?

I have to admit, there are some silly businesses out there. I have always been ambitiously lazy.

Meaning, I did not want to have to peddle my goods to friends and family or throw home parties and go to expos to sells stuff.

People who don’t know better do these things.

There are really two kinds of Network Marketing businesses out there. There is MLM and then there is Top Tier Direct Sales.

Everything else is for the birds. MLM is a great way to make money, however few make it to any real type of income.

Why is this? Because the market is flooded with lotions, potions and pills and the game has changed. The big dogs today, were the big dogs of yesterday and with the internet, they have not learned attraction marketing.

So they only teach their new eager down lines, the same tactics they used to build their business years ago. It doesn’t work in todays day and time and if it does, it takes so much work, the average Joe isn’t willing to sell out to it.

If you don’t learn Social Media Marketing, Google PPC and Web 2.0, you are going to get smoked in your business. The Internet allows you to put yourself in front of billions of people.

Much broader that the amount of people you can fit in your living room or that you will meet your local mall. You need to learn how to market rather than sell. You are selling You Inc. not your product.

The Top Network Marketing Companies are Top Tier Direct Sales Companies. These are companies with only 3 or 4 high end product tiers.

The Company offers huge upfront cash for sales and huge back end residuals. I would rather help 10 people make $10K per month and make $17K per month in residuals than have to recruit thousands into my downline to make half of that. That’s a no Brainer.

Top Tier Direct Sales is by far the crème de la crème of Network Marketing companies and I have experienced both ends of the spectrum.

Live Your Dream,
Josh Boxer

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2 Responses to “Top Network Marketing Companies” and how to choose one

  1. The Internet is changing whole industries one by one and MLM is being changed forever as we speak. Hotel meetings, home meetings and opportunity meetings will soon be a thing of the past. Great Post Thanks, John

  2. jboxer says:


    Thank you for the comment. It still amazes me that even the so called old school big dogs have not caught up to what has happened right under their noses. My premonition is if they dont catch up with technology, it is going to run them over.

    Josh Boxer

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