The Most Fantastic Network Marketer Ever To Walk The Earth.

jesusNetwork Marketing has been around since the beginning of time……..

When you think of the greatest network marketer of all time, who comes to mind? Jim RohnDexter Yager? Larry Winters or Randy Gage?

For me, it’s got to be Jesus Christ. You may be scratching your head thinking I have gone off my rocker but hold on a sec and let me go deeper.  Jesus walked the earth over 2000 years ago.  His message was the Gospel “The Good News”. That was his product line (per say). He had twelve disciples in which he commanded to go out into the world and spread the word of the Gospel.

Now you catch my drift.  The Gospel spread all over earth and nearly 2/3 of the planet know of him and his teachings.  It all started with the twelve.  The message remains unscathed and the product still pure.  Jesus has the largest down line known to man.

Ok…So now your thinking to yourself, “Josh, what is your freaking point here!”  My point is, he used a system very much like the one really good network marketers use today.  He focused on others before himself.  He focused on educating his students, empowering his students and most of all, loving his students.

These are the three elements that must be present when building a team and a large organization of any kind.

Education: This is what most network marketers want to skip over when they get started.  They want to know how to quickly move product and make money.  Chances are, that thought process changed real quick when people realize that they have no idea how to market.  Learning is the first step in network marketing success.

Today, there is a lot to learn. Most companies teach their “students” to work their warm market. Friends, family and neighbors.  Doesn’t work to well these days.  Savvy network marketers have taken to the Internet to practice their trade because it’s a way bigger pond with way bigger fish. Jesus didn’t have the Internet, but he sure focused on educating his disciples on the word of god.  Now evangelism is all over the Internet.  Kingdom Connection is a great example. As time changes, so do the ways in which we distribute information.

Empowerment: Empowering your team is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle in network marketing.  It’s not what you can do, it’s what you can duplicate.  Jesus handed over his power to his disciples and told them to go out and feed the hungry and heal the sick.  Today, if we empower people, all we will have are followers.  The goal is to have those followers become leaders.  Give them the tools they need to succeed and set them loose.  Sure some will need more nurturing than others, but it is empowerment that will build long term success and stability in your business.

Love: One of Jesus’s greatest commandments is to love your neighbor as you love yourself and of all things, love is the greatest.  Love is the glue that holds organizations together through thick and thin.  You have to love people folks.  If it’s all about you, you won’t have people hanging around for long.  Get personal with people on your team.  Help them get what they want.  Love on them.  Give them attention and let them know how much you appreciate them.  The leaders who do this have what they have because they have taken the time to care for others.  Be selfless in your journey.

Network marketing is not just about making money, it’s about people and changing lives.  Sure there are always going to be those that take advantage of the system, but it will be short lived.  This is a relational industry and without education, empowerment and love, the glue loosens and wheels begin to spin.

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