Surefire Ways To Win In Network Marketing.

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The reality is anyone who decides they want to change their life can.

The most important part of winning at anything is making a quality decision.  It all starts with a decision backed with a commitment. You must decide what you want and when you want it and make up your mind that you won’t quit on yourself. Staying consistent and persistent is one of the biggest reasons why people either succeed or don’t and then working on yourself more than your business.  Here I will go over each of these “most important” parts of being successful in network marketing.

A Quality Decision Backed By Commitment

Everything you do and every action in life starts with a decision to do something.  In the network marketing world, it’s the decision to get started.  What I have noticed over the years is that people are afraid of making a decision.  Let me relate this to you in the simplest form.  How many times have you been out on a dinner date with your friend or significant other and asked ” What are you going to have?” Most will say, “I don’t know, what are you going to have?”  You see, that may not seem like much, however, that is indecisiveness at its finest.

Successful people are quick to make decisions and slow to change them.

Once the decision is made, it must be backed up with commitment.  I have to ask you…What is your level of commitment to creating lifestyle?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes?  Make a decision and be unwavering in changing it.

Deciding You’re Not Going To Quit

Until you close the back door of retreat, you will never reach your full potential.  You see, when you have the opportunity to fall back on something, you will never give it your all.  To really succeed at anything and to become a true winner, you have to burn your bridges to retreat.  Sure it’s risky, so is everything else in life.  Without risk there is no reward.  Go for it, you and your family deserve it.  Make no small plans for they will stir no mans blood.

Stay Persistent and Consistent

A lot of folks have very short term mentalities.  They try something for a period of time and if things don’t work out the way they envisioned, they either quit or let off the gas.  Life anything else in life worth chasing, you must be persistent and consistent in your efforts.  This is especially true in network marketing.

In my early years in network marketing I heard my up line say, get started, get wide, stay steady and don’t quit.  Those words have rang through my head ever since.  Though I have shifted my focus in business towards the internet and to a new business model, the thought process remains the same.

Most people get started out of excitement of being a part of something they feel can solve their problem.  Their decisions are based on emotions.  When the emotion leaves, you will have success.  Don’t make decisions based on how you feel or what you see, make them based on what is right.

Work On Yourself Constantly

Lastly, work on yourself constantly.  Your business will never outgrow your self esteem!  How you feel about yourself is how others will feel about you.  You have what I call the ear gate and the eye gate.  You must protect both of them as if your life depends on it.  What you read and what you listen to have everything to do with where you will be in the next 5 years.  Always be putting good stuff in your head through reading personal development books and listening to CD’s/MP3’s, etc.  Engulf yourself in personal development.  If you’re ever going to lead a team of people, you have to learn how to lead and deal with folks.

Make reading a habit. The folks with the largest bank accounts and largest teams are readers.  Leaders are readers.

Ok, so wrapping it all up here, Make a decision to get started, Get Committed, Stay persistent, don’t ever quit and work on your positive mental attitude.

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