Network Marketing Tools – What Do You Have In Your ToolBox?


All successful network marketers and business minded people use tools, otherwise known as systems to assist them in running their business.

Ten years ago, I knew nothing about Network Marketing Tools or Network Marketing business systems. All I knew about was the hotel business and the systems that I used to run my hotel. Accounting systems, inventory systems, reservation systems and payroll systems.

You see business runs on systems and without them, you are back to journals and a huge room filled with file cabinets to store and track information.

What separates the successful network marketer are the tools he or she uses for their trade. I love to use automation tools. Anytime I can take the human error out of what I am doing, I do it and so should you.

Most network marketers are great at networking, I have to give them that. The part that they miss is the marketing aspect. Without marketing, you have no business. If you dont believe me, have someone drop ship 10,000 Books in your driveway.  How would you get rid of them and turn a profit?  You need to penetrate your market.

In the past it was all about calling on everyone you knew and have to explain to them your business model and what is in it for them.  97% of folks in the industry still use this method. Why? Because it’s been done for so long and many have had success using it.

I, unfortunately was not one of those people. So what did I do about it? I went in search of a systems that could do the work for me. Today its using the power of the internet, social media and savvy internet advertising.

I rely on tools to distribute my content, Google, Yahoo and Bing’s Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising and some really cool video syndication programs to market with.  If you combine all of these, you end up with a POWERHOUSE marketing system.

Once you learn how to market online and implement systems into your business, you are now leveraging your time and resources to your benefit.  It frees up your time to spend it on the things that actually produce revenue and there are only two of them in the Network Marketing Business.  The two are marketing and talking to people, period.

If your leaving your success in the industry to chance, don’t. Your not going to all of the sudden just wake up with a fist full of cash and a bank account yielding seven zero’s.

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