The Power Of A MasterMind Group

mastermindMany Minds Working Together in Callaboration Towards a Common Goal………………………………..

At least thats what most people say. I was about to call it a night and retire to the couch to watch the ladder part of a House episode and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  ” I have so much more to do tonight, yet am so tired”, I thought to myself.  So what is keeping me here, writing this to you?  Well, lets just say that I know my team is also awake plugging away at making this world, somehow, a better place.

Having a group of people that you surround yourself with that have common goals, common interests and an uncompromising will to win, is invaluable.  A mastermind group helps one expand their horizons of thought and will hold you accountable to yourself and those things that are true and right.  Being a part of one will cause you to stretch youself, allow for constructive criticism  and lastly will pick you up when you are down.

It Expands Your Horizons Of Thought

If your dependant on what you can do alone your very limited as to what your going to accomplish in your life.  Sure there were the Albert Einsteins and Thomas Edisons that created their initial inventions by themselves.  However, if you take a look into history at some of the most successful businessmen ever, you will see that they surrounded themselves with people that were smarter than them. Many minds working as one can produce more energy than one mind alone.

It Holds You Accountable

Accountability seems to be a thing of the past today.  Who are you accountable to? Yourself? Your Spouse? Your Friends?  When you have a group of people that are sold out to your dream and your sold out to theirs, you never want to let them down.  Don’t you want to be held accountable to your word and your actions.  A mastermind group can hold you to your word and with that, your more apt to do more than you would if on your own.

Makes You Stretch Yourself

I like to call this “Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone”.  Nothing good ever happens when your stagnant.  Ever hear the saying, if you keep doing what you have always done, you will have what you have always had?  This is where a lot of people cant move past.  Why?  Because they are so used to being comfortable.  When you are accountable to a masterind group, you will want to do more within your days.  You will no longer settle for average work but will always take it to the next level. Do things your uncomfortable doing to get ahead in life.  Or not. If your willing to do what most people are not, you will live like most people will never.

Constructive Critisism

Having someone or a group of people that you can be honest with and vice-versa is invaluable.  You want someone to be able to watch your blind spots.  There are certain things “flaws” that you cannot see in yourself, but others see clear as day.  Give your mastermind group permission to let you know when they see room for improvement in anything you do.  Taking constructive critisism will make you humble your self and is an act of obedience.  Take it like a man, or tough woman..

Will Pick You Up When Your Down

Everyone has their ups and downs but it’s always nice to be surrounded by uplifting people.  Surround yourself with positive people.  Always strive to raise people up. I heard a saying once that said:

-People are like elevator buttons, they will either take you up, take you down or leave you right where you are.

Which button are you?

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4 Responses to The Power Of A MasterMind Group

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  3. Andrea says:

    Good stuff here Josh. Any tips on local versus virtual mastermind teams?

  4. jboxer says:

    Thanks Andrea. It all depends on what your comfortable with. For me, My mastermind team just came together, I didn't really choose them, we chose each other as there was synergy. If your looking to create something locally, your going to have to work hard at Geo Targeting your prospects, which will turn into business partners, which will turn into a mastermind team in your local area. It takes way more time for people to have to get together in homes or in local meeting places. I did that years ago, but now with technology, I feel It is just as beneficial to use the tools we have at hand. Do what works best for you and the team.

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