A Life Lesson From Charlie Brown

charlie brownEver watch Charlie Brown?  Do you remember the one where the were playing baseball and it was bottom of the ninth, tied score and I think Lucy was playing the outfield.  There was a fly ball and headed right for her and….. She missed it.

When asked later, by Charlie Brown, What happened?  She replied, “I had missed so many fly balls previously that the past got in my eyes.”

To you that may just sound like a line out of a cartoon.  There is a powerful lesson to be learned from that day out on the field.

How many of us let the past get in our eyes?  I have to admit, I always catch myself thinking about how good I had it as a teenager all the way through college. I have lived a good life, however, I know my best life is Always yet to come, so I quickly stop thinking about the “Good Ole Days”.

The Past Is History

You cant change your past but you can sure change your future.  So many people today are stuck in yesterday.  They concentrate on what they have lost, who has wronged them.  Marriages gone bad, relationships ruined and making bad choices with money have lead people to believe there is no hope for a better life….. A better them….  A better future….

The Future Is a Mystery

No one really knows what the future holds and I think it was intended to be that way.  How boring of a life would it be if we knew exactly what was going to happen every moment of every day.  I am sure there would be some kind of worldly psychosis take place. Enjoy today.

The Present Is A Gift

Get it? The present, meaning right now is called a present because it’s a gift. I say live like today was your very last every day.  Way too many people take life for granted.  They concentrate on the losses or bad memories rather than just making it a great day.  We are in control of today.  It’s the only part of life that we can design.  Is that as exciting for you as it is for me?

We get a start over every day, so don’t be afraid to mess up a whole bunch.  Failure is the teacher of success.

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  1. It's true Josh. Too many people are focused on what they lost or how easy it was for them growing up that they tend to worry about the future. Successful people focus and operate in the present. Thanks for sharing.

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