It’s Not What You Can Do, It’s What You Can Duplicate.

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If you rely on only what you can produce in a day’s work, you are a slave to yourself as well as your company.

I know…That is a broad and bold statement but be assured I will back it up with some solid content.   It’s like this, most people got very comfortable in their posh comfortable jobs and thought they had it made for the rest of their lives working for company xyz.  They relied on what they could produce on a daily basis at their place of work, with no diversification.  So when the layoff’s came, and are still coming, folks have not diversified their income.

What do I mean by diversify?  Sure most people have a 401K which is now more like a 101K and maybe they had a few real estate investments, but what happened to those?  They crashed. Why?  Because it’s all tied to what happens on wall street.  People followed what everyone else was doing.  One thing I learned long ago was only to take advice from people who were where I wanted to be in life.

Want to know what most folks do?  They take advice from people who are where they are in life.  For example, I would be that in your neighborhood your neighbors make within $10k of what you make.  Your association with those people as great of folks as they may be, it keeping you where you are financially.

Smart people learn how to duplicate.  Whether it’s your money, time or business, all successful and prosperous people will duplicate themselves in one form or another.

There are tons of ways to duplicate but I will cover three.

Investments – This allows you to leverage your money.  Personally I like the precious metals market.  As the US Dollar is flopping, Gold, Silver and Precious Metals continue to rise.  You see, history always repeats itself. Gold and Silver was the original form of currency before the dollar.  The government at one point made everyone turn their Gold in to the government right before they created the Dollar.  Today, it is turning around. Buy more Gold and Silver as it will be way more valuable than the Dollar Bill very shortly as we move to a Global Economy.

Franchising – This has become very popular over the past few decades.  Why?  Because it allows you to duplicate your efforts.  Who makes more money and has more time, the person with one McDonalds or six?    The challenge for most is the upfront capital it takes to start a franchise.  It’s in the hundreds of thousands and still, there is no guarantee you will make money in it, but it’s safer than starting a brand on your own as 1 out of every 2 of those who try fail within their first year.

Network Marketing – For myself and millions of others around the globe, this is where we chose to plant our feet after feeling the squeeze and stress in Corporate America.  Contrary to people being turned off by the term and the industry, it is way easier to get started as the upfront capital is minimal and you don’t have all of the headaches of a franchise or traditional business.  It allows you to duplicate yourself over and over, building teams and organizations that will eventually stand on their own and you earn a percentage off of the organizations you build.

McDonalds corporation is so successful because they earn a percentage off of each franchisee store.  There is power in numbers. Same thing in Network Marketing.  The challenge and turn off to most folks who venture in, is lack of marketing education.  People are great networkers but have no godly clue how to market.  That is where systems and education come into play. Most treat their network marketing business like a hobby and it pays them like one. But those who have invested time and money in their business, have extremely profitable businesses that not only produce income, but produce legacy income.  Build it once on a solid foundation with the right people and it pays for generations.  Is it easy?  Nope. Doable? For Sure. It takes blood, sweat and tears just like any other worthwhile endeavor.

Wrapping this all up.  There are millions of people out there looking for another way to create a living.  We are no longer a w-2 country, we are a 1099 country.  If you have not been bright enough to figure out that you will never become financially independent working for someone else, wake up and smell the coffee.  The old system of martini lunches, pension plans and 401K’s is dead.  Learn a new skill set, take risk and see where it takes you.  Everyone has a dream, so why aren’t more people living it.  The answer is FEAR. Fear of the unknown.   Get out of your comfort zone. Turn off the TV, stop wasting your time in bowling leagues, softball leagues and all the things that only produce temporary pleasure.  Start taking your life and your future seriously.

See You At The Top,

Yes Josh, I want to diversify my income and learn a new skill set to create abundant wealth and prosperity online.

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