How Network Marketing Has Changed The World.

world changeToday there are over 60 million people around the globe in the network marketing industry. Why?  Because it has offered people hope, a future and the ability to dream again.


Somewhere along the way people have forgotten about the things that are most important to them and have traded those things in for what I like to call “The Big Lie”.  The big lie is taught from a very young age.  Go to school, get an education and go to work for a large corporation. Then work your ass off for the next 50 years and you should have enough to retire comfortably.  How many people do you know that this has happened for?

If you have been in the workforce for any number of years, you know how it gets.  Your company wants you to do more work for the same pay.  Eventually people lose hope for a better future and after a number of years of the same old, in the same position, looking forward to their 2-4 weeks of vacation every year with a 3-5% increase in pay.  What a joke.

I am not down on jobs, I am down on corporations keeping their board of directors pockets fat while the very people who make everything happen on the front lines are losing their homes, cars and marriages.

There is no leverage when you have someone else signing your paycheck.  I think that is why people are drawn to the network marketing industry.   For the doubter who reads this, here is what I have to say, “Are you calling 60 million people idiots?”  Network marketing is often stereotyped because you knew someone who knew someone who never made any money.  What about me?  What about the thousand plus people I personally know that are making money in the industry?

Are we lucky?  Did we get in at the top of the pyramid?  I almost have to laugh at some of the things I hear sometimes.

Let me just tell you. When you are limited to what you can create in a 24 hour period, you are limited!  Every successful person as well as company has learned time compounding and how to burst past the 24 hour day through leveraging the efforts of other people. A team if you will.  The only difference is, when your working for someone elses team (A corporation), you are doing all the work and they are making all of the money. There is no hope there.

Your Future

For those serious about creating a future for themselves, network marketing provides an even playing ground for everyone.  There is no luck, there is only desire backed by lots of action and education.  The old school model of creating a future by going to school and educating yourself on how to become an employee is broke.  People go down that route because they are conditioned to want other people telling them what to do for a paycheck.  It’s comfortable.

Folks these days play it safe rather than take risk.  Nothing good ever comes about without risk.  Let me ask you if there is any risk in the person that clocks in and out or is on a salary and has to report to work.  Not much.  Now lets take a look at a real estate agent who works solely on commissions.  A little riskier right?  It’s the same thing in network marketing except you get to build a team of people you want to work with.  You get to create your own mastermind group of people who are sold out to their future instead of someone elses.

The Dream

Everyone has big dreams, however, somewhere along the way the dreams seem to get farther away from people and they end up settling for a life they were not supposed to be living.  They get caught up in the two steps forward and two steps back syndrome.  Why is it that people cant get ahead of living paycheck to paycheck.  Well, if your only getting a 2-5% pay increase and inflation is at 4% every year, some if not most people take a paycut.  Do that for 10 years and add in high interest credit cards, car payments with interest and cost of living increases and you have a dream stealer.

No one wants to talk about it and most ignore it which is why there are so many people in financial bondage.  I am here to tell you that it’s not too late.  Network marketing requires marketing.  Today, with the power of the internet as well as some super sharp people out there who are eager, willing and looking for something different to do with their lives are waiting for you to offer them an opportunity to make their dreams come true.  Is it easy?  Nope, that is why so few make it. But for those who treat this like a business and not a hobby and for those who stick with it, dreams become a reality.

Over 200,000 people every week are joining the network marketing industry on a global basis.  Are you going to sit back and watch the passing parade of humanity build hope, a future and their dream while you meander in the pool of mediocrity or are you going to rise to the occasion and make it happen.  What is your excuse going to be as to why you haven’t succeeded at the level you expected of yourself in life?

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One Response to How Network Marketing Has Changed The World.

  1. monibenitez says:

    Hi Josh.
    This is an interesting article. It makes you think.
    I agree that is important and healthy to start thinking out of the box and I also agree that corporations are not the only place to work. Lately we have seen the strong impact that they have in everyone's lives and it is time that we all consider a different strategy to succeed. We (people) do not have the same goals and, as you mentioned, doing something different might have huge risks associated. Some people just do not want to take risks. And then there are other people that takes risks and they may have important rewards in life.
    I would like to share a quote from H.Ford: “If you believe you can you are right, if you believe you cannot you are right too .”
    I wish you great success in your project, and it is great that you encourage more people to follow a different path in life.
    Thanks for sharing.

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