How To Generate Up To 73 leads a day

How To Generate Leads Online

So what I thought i would start doing is just sharing some of the results that I have been getting.  Over the past few months I have generated over 2000 leads online from scratch.  Some have come from Co-ops I am involved in, Solo ads, Craigslist and other sources.

Here is a snapshot of the past 2 days lead flow

how to generate leads

As you can see, today I have generated 42 leads and the day before 73.  My best day is like 223 leads.  I know, you may be thinking to yourself, “I have a hard time just generating 2 or 3 a day.” Am I right?

Well, here is the scoop.  Most people are going about it the wrong way.  First, your going to have to get your intentions right.  Without that, your leads are not going to move forward with you in business.  You have to know what the purpose of you generating those leads are.  Is it to stuff your pockets with cash?  or…… Is it to hopefully help some people.

One thing I have learned is that when you take your eyes and focus off of yourself and put them on others, something magical happens.  It’s a Universal law that comes into play and we feel fulfilled when we help other people.  It’s in our DNA and was placed there by God.

Where do you get the leads from?

Leads come from everywhere.

I do Solo ads.  I use Simple2Advertise,

I like to do some PPC and use other Free traffic sources.

When I first got started, it took about a week to get my first lead.  I was stoked.  Then I realized that I could get them faster if I paid for traffic through PPC or Solo Ads and build my list faster.

There is more to it and I can’t possibly teach it all to you here.  In the 15K formula, it’s all handed out on a silver platter.  Everything you ever wanted to know about lead generation, emailing, mindset and much much more.

Here is my motto, get started, stay steady and don’t quit.

-Josh Boxer


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