How To Be a Dream Maker Instead of a Dream Taker

The Power of Being a Dreamer

In this world, we have two types of people.

Dream makers

dream makers

– A Dream maker is a person that catches a vision and goes to work on it.  When you catch a dream, it almost haunts you until that dream comes to fruition.  Dream makers do “Whatever” it takesto make that dream become a reality as fast as they can.  It all starts with creating an intention.


You may be saying, “Josh, what the heck is an intention”?  Well, it’s an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. Before you set out to do anything in life, the intention is the most important part along with clarity of that intention.  You have to know exactly what you want and just go for it with a clear plan of action in place to bring it to be.


Dream makers are the visionaries.  They are the people that make big things happen in their life, don’t blame others for their shortcomings and take 100% responsibility for their results in life and in everything they do.  They lead from the front with the windburn in their face and plow through obstacles.

And then there are………..

Dream takers!

Dream takers






Dream takers are the worst kinds of people.  It’s those people that don’t have dreams of their own or they have simply given up on their dreams.  They are narcissistic and will take you down if you give them the chance.  These people can be your family, your friends or your prospects.


When you have a dream, a big dream, no one will be able to stop you, not even a Dream taker.  Dream takers are life suckers.  They will squabble for the left over scraps, live off the government or just cruise through life with a Ho-Hum type of attitude, not really going anywhere and going to the grave with only the music of regret.


I think that we were all called for a mission here on earth.  We are here for a purpose and your goal is to find that purpose and LIVE IT OUT!  If you don’t believe in praying, do it anyway.  You are not here by accident.


Follow your dreams, make big things happen and just go for it.

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