Competetive Surfing On The World Wide Web?

Surfing and Marketing on the Internet

Growing up on the Island of Maui right on the ocean, I surfed just about every day.  Sometimes I would paddle out before school and catch a few early morning waves and as soon as I got off the bus I raced to grab my board to hit the water.

During my early teen years, it was very competative paddling out with surfers that had more experience.  There were rules to be followed in the Hawaiian waters if you didn’t want to get your lights punched out by a big hawaiian surfer.  It was all about positioning and timing.

If you dropped in on a wave, you had the right of way, so if someone dropped in behind you, they couldnt pass you on the wave until you pulled out.  I learned this the hard way an an early age and paid dearly for it. Yep, a board in my face unexpectadly.  I wiped out after dropping in on a “Moke” which is a big hawaiian, he wiped out and upon coming up, gasping for air, there was his board coming right down on my head.  Then came the “Moke”, pissed off and ready to kill me.  As I got older, I learned the way of the waters. Fast forward

Anyways, the web is not much different in a lot of aspects.  There is always going to be competition on the Internet as well as new people coming and going.  All of them trying to get the attention of all of the folks surfing the web.

When I first got started marketing online, I was so clueless.  Organic Search, PPC, SEO?  What the hell? There was a huge learning curve for me.  I knew how to type a word document, create an excel spread sheet, send an email and fill out a webform and that was the extent of it.  Pretty sad huh? Almost as sad as dropping into a 20 foot wave in 2 feet of water and losing your footing.

While some folks are playing with Paid search (PPC), others are crafting their art in the organic search arena.  That is where I play.  The competition is fierce and it is a battle to stay ahead of your most fierce competitors.

The ultimate goal is the get the attention of the end users on the search engines.  When someone does a search query for something on Google, I want to own the #1 spot on the page with my content.  I also want to have four or five other spots on that page.  It becomes quite complex fighting for these positions and you know what? I love it.

I do this using a few strategies and that is a whole different blog post.  I use Videos, Articles, Squidoo Lenses, Press Releases and a few other ninja tactics to get first page ranking.

Once you learn how to get first page rank, you can then build back links to that media to ensure that it remains highly ranked on the page.  There are other strategy’s to do this but once again, that’s like an e-book worth of information.

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