“Compensation in MLM”-What is the Challenge?

Hey Gang,

Many get involved in MLM with the hopes
of creating compensation in MLM. Compensation
comes in many different ways. It Comes
from retailing product where you would then
get the difference between what you paid
for the product and your retail client gets and
you would also get paid for recruiting others
to do the same.

Why do most get started in MLM? Well, for most
it is hope. Hope that they can someday loose the
9-5 job that they have and have both time and money
on their side to do the things they want to do in life.

Most never get there and here is why? The Majority
of MLM companies have low end products. Meaning
you would have to put together thousands of
distributers to create any time of lifestyle.

Getting Compensated is our #1 priority, however in MLM
there are very few who actually make it. What is
lacking is a system. Sure companies will tell you they
have a learnable, teachable, duplicatible system
to follow and if you follow it, you will make it.
Fact is, people who get in MLM, have no prior
sales experience, business experience and quite
frankly are lacking the people skills necessary to
build a huge organization.

Today that has all changed. More people are moving
to attraction marketing techniques using the power of the
internet and online marketing systems.
If you catch hold of these online systems and follow them
to a “T”, you will smoke your competitors.

Lets see, who has a bigger audience, the mall walker
or the guy who advertises on Google Adwords. That
is a no brainer. For more information on attraction
marketing, Mike Dillard
has put out a course called magnetic sponsoring.
The Course is like $39, which is a total steal. This is the first place I started
years ago and has paid dividends since.

In Conclusion, your compensation in MLM will determine, the
team you join, the people you associate with and the
system you use.

See you at the top,

Josh Boxer

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