Carbon Copy Pro Super Saturday List

The Rewards Of A CCPro Elite Member..

Jay Kubasseck and Josh Boxer

Just wanted to share with you what happens when you put the hammer down and concentrate on the task at hand.  It’s more than a privilege to be on a list with other top Internet Marketers in the company and in the world.

This is a letter that Our VP of Leadership sends out and I thought I’d share it with you………….
John Jackson here with a shout out to this week’s Superstars and Rising Stars. Congratulations! This community continues to inspire me. Many of you have taken the time to personally share with me your wins and I want to thank you for allowing me – and the entire CarbonCopyPRO community – to celebrate with you.


Carlos Aponte Jr
Charles Montgomery   Graduate
Bill Tannar
Marc Barrett
Lena Bjorna   Graduate
Aaron & Sophia Rashkin Graduates <— Those are my Sponsors
Jeff & Laura Learner   Graduates
Andrew J. Cass  Trainer
Juan & Brandee Walker   Graduates
Gregg Davison  Trainer

Adrian Hines
Gerardo Aguirre
Ravi Kumar
Josh Boxer <——- That’s Me
Ewan Robb
Dave Dauber   Graduate
Frank Scott   Graduate
Charles Smithdeal
Michael & Dalila Force  Trainers <–#1 Top Producer In CCPro
Brian Magnosi
Remember, jump on out and join me on the “Wakeup Call” every morning. I just love hearing your voices first thing in the morning.
Have a great weekend everyone!
With Gratitude,

John Jackson
VP of Leadership Development

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