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Whether you write your own SEO articles or use a professional article writing service, article marketing is a completely separate and distinct area of expertise from simply writing SEO articles. Creating a product is only the first step.

Once you have written your articles, or used an article service to create unique content, you will then need to consider carefully what you will do with those articles once they are ready to start working for you. Well written search engine optimized articles will achieve nothing for your online business unless you put them to good use. But unfortunately many people lose out on the massive benefits which original content can bring.

In some cases, businesses acquire original articles specifically written for them, only to then use them in a such a way that their business, and its visibility on the web is actually damaged.

There’s no doubt at all that SEO articles written by a professional article writing service can achieve far more than re-written, spun, copied or poorly constructed articles, but even the best article in the world can be misused in such a way that it causes harm to a business’s reputation and rank within the search results pages.

How is this possible? Let’s put to one side the many aspects of an article which could cause harm to your business, such as high keyword density and such like. Let’s assume you have a fantastic, professionally written search engine optimized article all ready to start earning you money. What should you do with it, what are your options, and what should you avoid doing?

The first option you have, and perhaps the most obvious, is to submit your article to one or more of the article directories online. But there you have a number of choices. Do you submit your SEO article to a single article directory, to a handful, or to many hundreds?

Which article directories should you choose, and does it really make very much difference? What about automated article submitters – do they work, or are there drawbacks?

One of the main reasons why some article marketers tend to choose to post an article to one single article directory, or at the most, a small handful, rather than to dozens or hundreds is to avoid Google’s duplicate content system. The rumour or argument goes that Google has a duplicate content filter, and that any website containing duplicate content will be massively demoted, or blacklisted from the search engine results entirely.

Many article marketers still hold to this theory, despite Google having made it expressly plain on numerous occasions that they have no such filter, have never had a duplicate content filter, and would never penalise a website simply for having duplicate content.

Of course, having said that, Google wants its results to be as varied as possible, and so they will prioritise content it has come across early on, and will list duplicate copies of that content far lower down the search results. No penalty will be incurred, but only one or two versions of an article are likely to appear towards the top of the results.

Effectively this means that, from Google’s point of view, it makes little difference whether you submit your article to a single directory or to hundreds. However, you should be aware that from the point of view of the directories themselves, you may be in breach of their terms and conditions if you do submit content which has been published elsewhere.

In this case you may find your articles declined or deleted, and you may even find some directories will close your account, deleting all articles previously published.

Article marketing doesn’t necessarily mean publishing to article directories though, because as any article service will tell you, original and optimized content can do a great deal of good for your business, wherever it happens to be posted.

An article writing service will usually be able to create content tailored specifically to publication locations, optimizing content that will be published on your website, in forums, directories and on social networking sites. But beware, if you publish an article which has been submitted to article directories on your own website or blog as well, you may actually be causing more harm than good to your site’s ranking position.

Remember, Google will prioritise the first version of the article it comes across, and lower the priority of all subsequent versions. You may find your article appearing high on the search results pages, but the page on your own website which also contains the article may be demoted, lowering the rank of your website.

For successful article marketing strategies, talk to your article writing service, and use a professional article service to create customized content that is submitted in ways that will support your marketing strategy, rather than unwittingly working against it.

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