6 Crucial Areas To Master To Become Massively Successful In Network Marketing.


There are Six Areas To Master If You Want To Become A Top Producer In The Network Marketing or MLM Business.


Find someone who is where you want to be in life or someone who can watch your blind spots
and let them mentor you. Beg them, barter with them, but do something to allow them to coach

You also want to be mentoring others while your being mentored. There is something to be said
about giving your time away. Be wise about it and don’t waste your time mentoring people that
are not coachable.

If you take a look at any of the top leaders in the business world, they all have mentors in
one shape or form.


Self Branding is one of the most crucial areas to work on. You can have all 5 areas I am going
to talk about here, but if you miss this one, it’s the deal breaker.

Part of this is owning your name in the search engines. What comes up when you Google yourself?
Is it you or is someone trashing your name. People who have positioned and branded themselves
properly own the first 5 pages of Google for their name. Yep, that is the first 50 spots.

Make yourself an expert in your niche.


Figure out what the most profitable thing you do in your network marketing business is and outsource
the rest.  Top producers know that time is the most valuable commodity. Free yourself up and
do the things that produce the biggest results. Outsource the things you dont like to do.

This is about building “Your Team”. Having a team of professionals that are trained to do the tasks
to keep your business running. This is part of your mastermind group. Over time, your team will become your
most valuable asset. They will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

This is how you can eventually get to a 2-4 hour work day and truley enjoy the benefits
of owning your own business.

Having Multiple Streams of Income

When you have cronic headaches you don’t go to an advil prescription specialist, you go to a doctor to get diagnosed. He will then prescribe the remedy.

It’s the same thing in our business. Most people in the network marketing industry only concentrate on
their specific business and it’s product.

Once a prospect qualifies themself for my time, I ask a lot of questions as I don’t have a one size
fits all business.  I find out exactly what people are looking to accomplish and what it is that “THEY WANT”.
Once I know this, I can them take a look into my arsenal of solutions and prescribe it.

Be a solution provider and a problem solver.

Paid Marketing

There are tons of methods to market your business.  Paid marketing brings the most robust results when it comes to
lead generation and analytics.  To find out what works and what doesnt, you need quite a bit of traffic to your site
to see how it is converting to sales.  You can then tweak it for optimum results. Paid traffic and free traffic convert very differently. I have access to over 30 sources of paid traffic.

Free Traffic

Free traffic can come from blogging, article writing, social networks like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. This traffic takes time to build but converts very well as people really get to know the real you, unless of course your faking it. People can read right through you on the social networks so be careful. The only person you will fool is yourself.

Take these 6 areas and master them all. If you fall short in one or two of these areas, work on them as they may be exactly what is holding you back from being MASSIVELY successful in business.

To Your Massive Success,

Josh Boxer

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