The 3 Huge Mistake’s People Make In The Internet Marketing Industry.

Just the title alone rings a little curiosity doesn’t it?  You want to know what those three mistakes people make in the Internet marketing industry are?

And for good reason.

Very few people make a full time living in the network marketing industry, “as a whole”.   Reason being?

People are chasing dollar bills instead of knowledge.

Your probably wondering what I am talking about.  Well, this industry attracts people into it based on their emotions.  There was something about this industry that they heard about that was appealing to them. Perhaps it’s leverage, money, power, change of pace or even fame and fortune or should I say the possibility of all of those?

Remember, people move towards pleasure and away from pain.

There is something going on in their life that is the root cause of them looking outside of their current situation to find a solution to their problem.

I love people who think outside the box and are humble enough to come to this industry and find an opportunity to change their life. Most people get in and want to do things their way.

Ok, so what are the 2 mistakes?

People who get into Internet marketing know nothing about marketing.  This industry is full of people in desperate need of direction.

Mistake #1. Not Investing In Yourself

If you went to college, you did so for a number of reasons.  Regardless of them, college is supposed to prepare you to get job.  You invest 2-4 years and professors and books invest those years back in you.  The cost?  $10K-$300k depending on where you go to school.

I am going to assume you had a major in school that you picked as you wanted to get into that field after school, right?

Ok, so you did that for a while and it worked……… For a bit.

But now, your looking to get into Internet Marketing but lack the skills necessary to become successful at it.  Guess What?

Back to school.

Your going to have to start investing in you again, except it’s going to be in courses and tools you will need in order to become successful in making a living online.  The only difference between what college and learning how to make money online is that your going to earn while you learn.

No more broke college days.

When you learn how to market online, you will be able to learn something and put it into real world action to create real world results!  That’s powerful.

Mistake #2. Giving Up Too Soon

If you quit your job, do you make it?  No right?  So why is it any different in business.  Way too many people get started in this industry, “give it a whirl” and then either quit and talk smack about how it’s a “Scam” or come up with some sappy story on how it didn’t work for them.

What I know is this. People are inherently lazy.  It comes from working a job and having someone tell you what to do and having a “job description”.  In this world, we don’t have that.  What it comes down to is taking charge of your situation, working the system and making things happen, without a boss breathing down your throat.

People quit too soon because of a number of reasons.

  • It’s too hard
  • It takes too much time out of my schedule (Hello, this is work and work takes time).  Oh, I forgot. It’s a hobby for you. : )
  • It’s too expensive. (No, it’s called investing in your business).  Expensive is paying tolls everyday to get to and from work.
  • It’s saturated.  (Are you kidding me, 3 billion people around the world with internet access.) NEXT!

Whatever the excuse, I have heard them all before.  The bottom line is, you cant keep a quitter from quitting and you can’t keep a winner from winning.

Mistake#3. Treating Your Business Like a Hobby

Most people build their business just enough to make it an inconvenience.  They also fool themselves into thinking that they are doing everything possible to build their business, however when taking a closer look, they are just busy, not productive.

Businesses need capital to start and a budget to run.

In order to grow a successful business, your going to need to put in the time to gain momentum and then follow that up with some serious work ethic for a period of time.

Alot of people don’t even set goals for themselves.  No wonder they never hit the mark, they never aim!

In closing, don’t make these three mistakes to ensure your success in the Internet Marketing Industry.

Josh Boxer

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2 Responses to The 3 Huge Mistake’s People Make In The Internet Marketing Industry.

  1. Peter Birlea says:

    Wow, another great article on mindset.

    I really enjoy listening to what you have to say, Josh.

    You seem to “hit the nail on the head” when you talk about a topic that gets so little attention in the IM world…

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Peter. Happy that you enjoyed it. Make it a great day.

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