How To Handle Objections In The Network Marketing Industry.

Top 5 Objections In Network Marketing and How To Handle Them.

Top 5 Objections In Network Marketing and How To Handle Them.

If you have been in this industry for any amount of time, you’re going to run into a slew of objections from people.  If you’re not getting objections, you’re not talking to enough people.

How you handle objections will be a huge part in your success in this industry.  Most Networkers don’t have a clue as to how to handle them.

I have to say that I love when a prospect knocks me up with an objection.  It used to freak me out and turn me into stuttering Josh, but now, with confidence, I am able to easily handle them and turn objections into new reps.

Objections are a great sign!  It is a sign that your prospect is serious about your opportunity.  It’s also a sign of one of two things…

1. It’s your prospects way of slowing down the process as to not jump too quickly into something they have no clue about.


2. It’s the litmus test from your prospect.  Yep. This is true if you have a heavy hitter or experienced networker.  They will bombard you with objections to see how (and if) you handle them.

Why is this?  Well, they know that should they get started, they will be asked questions as well and they are interested in one of two things:

1. Are there good answers for those questions.


2. DO YOU know what the hell your doing and can you answer hard questions.

Learning to handle objections is absolutely critical to your success so let’s jump into it.

Here are the top 5 objections I have come against in my journey in this industry.  Are there more? Hell yea, but that’s an e-book I am working on and its going to cost ya ; ) . Just kidding. I will release that in the coming months and probably give it away for Nothing.

Objection #1: How much is this going to cost me?

When a prospect asks me this, it tells me a lot about their mindset and at this point you should dive deeper to find out whether you even have a true prospect.  It tells you that they are more interested in spending money than making it and you can tell them that. Then move onto your next question for them.  Until they have gone through information, it’s a bad question on their part.

They don’t even what what “this” is yet and they are asking how much it’s going to cost.

Objection #2: I am not sure I can afford it.

This is a tough one. If its early in the interview and they ask this you can respond: “Jim, it doesn’t cost you a dime to see more information on it.”  If it’s later in the conversation, after you have done your interview with them, you can respond: “Jim, from what I have heard from you and all you have shared with me, you can’t afford not to get started.”  At this point refer back to their reason why.

Objection #3 – I don’t like to sell.

One of the most common misconceptions people have about this industry is that you have to be some sales guru to be successful.

A great response is, “Jim, Awesome bro.  This is not a selling business, it’s a coaching business.  It is about building and working with a team to help inspire and create success in others.

Objection #4 – I don’t know if I have the time.

Don’t be fooled by this question as it’s a pretty lame cop-out on your prospects part.  A good response is, “Jim, we all have the same 24 hours in a day.  If you ever want a flying farts chance to enjoy the kind of lifestyle you said you were looking for, then your going to have to MAKE the TIME.  Tell them you will help them formulate a time management plan to free up all the time they need.

People think they are busy, but when they look at their day, it’s filled with non-productive activities.  Television is a big one and produces nothing.  That softball/bowling league produces nothing as well.  I am not saying people can’t do the things they enjoy, however, there is going to come a time where they are going to have to choose what they want most in their life.

Objection #5 – I’m not sure if my wife/husband will let me do this.

I love this objection.  There are two responses you can use and here they are.

1. “Jim/Jane, did you ask your husband/wife permission to get you into the financial mess your in?”  The Answer will be no most of the time. “Well then, you shouldn’t need permission to get yourself out of it!”

2. “That’s OK Jim. I’m only interested in working with folks that know exactly what they want, are highly driven individuals and are serious about their future.  At this point and with that statement, it doesn’t sound like that’s you, so I am going to let you go now.

This is the moment of truth here.  They will either come back with , “no wait..” and make a decision or simply hang up and on to the next prospect.

Well, those are just 5 objections and there are a ton more.  Now go out there and sponsor more reps and create your own list of objections and learn how to handle them.

P.S. Want more on how to recruit more reps, handle tough prospects and sponsor people at will? Check out Black Belt Recruiting.

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