5 Important Steps Critical To Your Success in Internet Marketing.

Success In Internet Marketing.

Success In Internet Marketing.

When I first got started with Internet Marketing back in August of 2008, I was clueless as to how to approach what I call “The Internet Marketing Monster.”  There were so many moving parts and things to learn and apply, it made my head spin.

While I am glad I went through a trial and error phase, I wish I knew then what I know now about how to properly get started with the biggest bang for my time and money.

Branding and positioning yourself is critically important if you want to have any long term success online.  Always remember, you are building your “You Inc.” brand.  A big mistake people make when they get online is thinking that they are more credible by attaching their name to a specific business opportunity.  Bad move.

People don’t care about your business opportunity. They are more interested as to whether you are the leader that they are looking for help from.

Here are what I feel are the five most important steps to follow when you first get started with any online venture.  Are there other things to do? Absolutely, but this is where I would start.  The goal here is to ensure that when people Google your name; they find your stuff, not someone else’s stuff on you.

Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to let the world know about an event that just happened.  In a press release you can write about how you are just launching your first internet venture, how you just joined a new company, attended an event, etc.  By properly using the right keywords, press releases show up very high in search engine rankings. Google loves them and so will you.  I know some folks that have literally made tens of thousands of dollars off of a single press release.  Its real estate baby and it never goes away.


Blogging is one of my favorite tools in my arsenal.  While I don’t use it too much for lead generation, it is my hub.  Home base if you will.  It’s a place in which people can come to and find out who you really are.  I share my life experiences, lessons, etc. on my blog.

The importance of having a professional Word Press Blog is critical.  You want to have a professional header done as well as have your blog hosted by a provider like hostgator or Go daddy.  You want your blog to make you look like a rock star.

Article Writing

Writing articles is a great way to brand yourself online. Article directories like Ezine Articles and Article Base are two of my favorites.  The Search engines love content from these two sources and they rank VERY heavily in search rankings, provided you have done your keyword research and know how to load your keywords into the title and body of your articles.

There are endless topics in which you can write about.  I like to write articles educating people on specific marketing topics which talk about a problem and then provide a solution.

Social Networks

Today social media is huge.  Facebook is pushing past 500,000,000 users. Twitter has about the same.  There are literally hundreds of social networks out there in which you definitely want t presence on.  The big three are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Sure there are others like MySpace; however I feel that our market is all on those big three I just provided.

Sure you can use those networks to connect with old friends and colleagues. You can also use the social platforms to share value with the masses and solve people’s problems with solutions you can bring to light.  You can also use them as a platform to develop relationships with other leaders in the industry and create joint ventures.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is using the social networks to “Pitch” their business opportunity.  Big mistake.  If you really want to annoy people, go for it, however, true leaders in this industry lead with VALUE above everything else.  When you lead with VALUE, you will attract to you the people who are interested in you and will want to learn more about what you do.

Pay Per Click

Without a doubt, PPC is the godfather of lead generation.  All of the other things mentioned above are used mostly to brand and position yourself so that when you get into PPC and people start searching for who you are in the search engines, you will own enough of your names real estate that you will be seen as credible in their eyes.

While Articles, Blogging, Press Releases and Social Media can create some traffic, it will be trickling in compared to a well thought out and executed PPC campaign.

I mean think about it.  What other medium can you literally put an ad out on the internet and expose it to a potential 1.5 billion customers.  The answer, NONE. Not television, not newspaper, magazine’s, NOTHIN!

It’s powerful.  I suggest you learn all you can about PPC marketing. Perry Marshal is the leading authority on Ad words and you should pick up his “Definitive guide to Google Ad words” book.  Another master is Jim Yaghi.  You should definitely pick up his PPC course called PPC domination.  It will take you step by step through how to do keyword research, set up your campaigns, ad groups and bidding.

Take a look at anyone making 6+ figures a month online and they use PPC to drive their traffic.

In closing, use the above mentioned platforms to get yourself started on the right foot in your Internet Marketing career.  Follow the steps above and watch what happens.  You will create more relationships, close more sales and eventually become a total rock star in your own right.

Make It A Great Day,

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2 Responses to 5 Important Steps Critical To Your Success in Internet Marketing.

  1. Thanks for the great tips to increase your visibility. Each of them have a purpose with expanding your reach. For entrepreneurs just getting started all of this could be overwhelming. The idea is to get started with one thing, create a system and then bring in the next piece. As you build your system, it will begin to flow and become an automatic part of your marketing campaign.

  2. admin says:

    Hey Loren, Thanks for the comment. The smartest of people dont create the wheel, they use wheel that have been perfected and look for ways to perfect them even more.

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