Are You Turning Up The Intensity In Your Home Based Business?

rpmAs part of my rigorous weekly fitness training I attend a Les Mills RPM Class twice a week.  RPM is similar to Spinning, but not the same.  None the less the stationary state of the art bikes are the same.  Through the 45 minute workout there are different intensity levels to the workout all controlled by several things.

#1 The resistance knob in which turns right and left, increasing and decreasing the intensity.

#2 The BPM (Beats Per Minute) of the music playing in the background.

#3 You – The person on the bike will decide how much your willing to put into the workout, how much resistance you will train with and ultimately what your going to get out of it.

Even after almost a year of training in this manner, It is a challenge to finish strong every time I mount that bike.  Over the course of time though, I have developed muscle groups that were not as developed as they are today.  It’s like learning a new skill set.

In business, there will come a point in which you will plateau if your not constantly pushing the envelope of what your capable of doing.  Is there any other way?  Are you doing everything possible, leaving nothing on the table at the end of the day?  Are you giving it all?

Sometimes you have to go through pain to have a breakthrough.  Sometimes you feel like your going to pass out.  As time goes on though you build what I like to call the “Faith Muscle”.

Faith is believing in things even though you cant physically see them.  It’s knowing that your going to win before you get there.

In your business, your going to turn up the resistance and throw more resources at making your business successful. Sometimes there is going to be resistance and just like working out on that Spin Cycle, you have two choices.  You can either slow down cadence or……

Barrel right through it and get the job done.

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2 Responses to Are You Turning Up The Intensity In Your Home Based Business?

  1. Aaronrashkin says:

    Yes, Faith – the evidence of things yet unseen. So true that the person on the bike decides how much intensity they are going to ride with, just like the online entrepreneur decides as well, whether they are going to inch along or keep pushing themselves day in and day out. Love the story bro – Great post!
    – Aaron Rashkin
    P.S. Where’s the comment luv?

  2. Josh Boxer says:

    “I chase finish lines” – That’s what I do . Heard that this morning in that RPM class and love it. Some funky things going on with my blog lately. Comment Luv is installed but for some reason not showing up on my blog. Very strange, getting fixed now. – Thanks for the heads up!

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