The Golden Rule Vs. The Platinum Rule

The Golden Rule versus The Platinum Rule- Which Do you prefer?


It was an Extremely exciting time of my life, I had just went through 5 years of platinum-rulecollege, fraternity life, keg parties and really quite a wild life I had lived.  I had learned the Golden Rule here.

Reality set in when I left that college campus after it being my playground for half a decade.  I had to take that hotel/restaurant ,management degree and put it to work.

Being that I had started working in the restaurant industry at like 14 years old, I knew I had a strength in serving people.  It wasnt until my first Hotel job that I realized that all people did not want to be treated like I did.

I learned more about people and that though there were many similarities there were also manhy differences.  I then learned about personalized service and how people really just wanted to be recognized.

The Platinum Rule has everything to do with feeding the ego.  Not yours but others.  The Platinum Rule states to treat people as THEY would like to be treated.  People may not want to be treated like you quite frankly and that everyone’s ego needs to be stroked differently.

It was through a few years in the hospitality industry that I was able to please thousands of guests over the years.  It was in my nature to always remember those repeat guests that had made my hotels their home away from home.

Being that I was also a Food and Beverage Director, I would often hop behind the line and cook special meals for certain guests. I got much enjoyment out of pleasing others as it made me feel good.

The moral of the story here is The Platinum Rule will take you much farther in life than the golden rule.

Love and Aloha,

Josh Boxer

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