The Fundamentals To A Successful Life.

spiritualHaving a well rounded life takes discipline, practice and patience.  I feel that there are three areas contribute to having a great life and if you follow these, your sure to prosper. The three are, financial, physical, spiritual soundness and emotional stability.

Most people will excel in one area, but are weak in others and vice-versa. It’s finding a common ground that will determine the quality and peace in your life.

Financial Stability

Lets face it. Money does make the world go round.  It’s almost like water.  Without it you will die in one way or another. Well, without money, your not dead, but it’s very difficult to survive.

Whether you know it or not, there are spiritual laws about money.  In fact the bible talks about money more than anything else.  You know why? The guy upstairs knew that we would have challenges with it.

The word says, “give and it will be given unto you, shaken up and overflowing”. If your not a giver (tither), your going against one of the most powerful laws available to us. As you sow, so shall you reap.You get the point. Be a giver.

Physical Wellness

It’s pretty obvious when you look around that we have an obesity problem, especially in the US. How you look has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. You cannot have a well rounded life if you don’t take care of your body.

I am in the gym at least 5 days a week doing everything from High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Spinning, Hot Yoga and Heavy Weight Work Outs. If you don’t take care of your body, it wont take care of you. Eat right, work out and get rest.

It’s funny, right around New Years the gym is packed for like 3 weeks.  Everyone has resolutions to lose weight and get fit. Those die out pretty quickly. Why? Make New Years habits, not resolutions.

Spiritual Soundness

Most lack in this area. I don’t care what religion you are and which God you pray to. You need to get in touch with your spiritual self. We have a body, we have a soul and we are a spirit. If you don’t believe in it, so be it. I am just telling you my take on spirituality.

You have to believe in something. Get in tune with your calling in life. I don’t think we were put here by accident and I believe that each of us has untapped capabilities that even if we are not tuned into our gifts and talents, they go wasted.

Emotional Stability

I heard once that the size of a man/woman can best be determined by the size of the things that makes him or her angry. I think there is a lot of truth to that. Self mastery and being able to control ones emotions will determine a lot about your life and the people that you attract into it. If your hot headed, synical or emotionally unstable, you will suffer in all other areas of your life.

Having a balanced, well rounded life will make the journey oh so much sweeter.

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