The Four Most Dangerous Words In The English Dictionary.


The four most dangerous words are, “I already know that!”

My step-father used to call me Mr. Know-it-all as a kid growing up.  I hated it, however it was well deserved.  I thought I knew everything.  Can you imagine? 11 years old and I thought I had everything figured out.  Boy was I wrong.  The best part about it, was that my step-dad was a doctor.  Yep, he practiced psychology.

Fast forward a bunch of years, now I am 37 and I know a little more than I did at age 11, however I realized that life is a constant education.  In relation to the amount of knowledge one can aquire throughout a lifetime, I know absolutely nothing in comparison.

I have learned that I never tell anyone, “I already know that”, or anything like that phrase.  Why? It only shows ignorance.  If you already knew everything, there would be nothing left to learn.

I am constantly reading books, buying courses, attending conferences, webinars, conference calls and associating with as many brilliant people as possible. Why do I do this?  Because I always want to be expanding my knowledge.  What do you have to offer other people?  Are you a giver or a taker or both?  These are questions only you can answer.

One of the lessons I have learned over the course of time is that in order to receive, you must first freely give.  It is a universal law.  Call is sowing and reaping, call it Yin and Yang, eb and tide, etc.  For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.  I have always been a giver, therefor I have always had. I did not realize this working in my life until later on in life when I looked back at all of the circumstances to turned out very positive in my life.  It was due to the giving.

OK. enough of that, let’s get back to business.

When I started marketing online a little over a year ago, I knew nothing.  I knew how to google something, send an email, log onto Myspace, Facebook, etc.  I had no clue what AWeber, Squeeze Pages, SEO, Monetization or anything else to do with Internet Marketing.

I had, however studied attraction marketing years prior.  The first online course I ever bought was Mike Dillards Magnetic Sponsoring. This course was the launching point to everything I have done online and was the incubator for me learning how to attract rather than repel people to and from me.  That course changed my life.

The fact is, I realized that if I was going to go where I had never been, I knew that I was going to have to do things I have never done.  That meant, if I wanted to make millions online, be free from my job and out of financial bondage, I was going to have to study the people that had went before me.  I invested thousand of dollars in my education.  Books, e-courses, videos, software, etc.  You name it, I aquired it.  Some of the stuff I could have done without, but I realized that it was all a part of the process.

Most people getting started with an online business or any business for that matter needs to totally humble themself.  They need to realize that they don’t know anything.  The good news is, information is accessible these days to learn just about anything.  Everyone wants the quickest way to rich’s and freedom. The truth is, there is no quick way, however there are shortcuts.

It takes hard work to become a success at anything and don’t let all of the Internet Hype fool ya. “I made $386,000 in 3 days and you can do it too!”  I bet you see that everywhere you look don’t you?  Is it possible? Yep.. Will it happen for you? Maybe.  See, that is just marketing and who ever wrote that ad is feeding on your brain and appealing to what may want.  What you dont hear about is the ten years that person spent online, struggling, spending money they didnt have, foreclosing on their home because they just sunk their last $10K into a botched Google Adwords campaign.  You dont hear about the struggle, but it’s there.

“I already know that” ~ has now disappeared from your vocabulary.  You are now a new person, learning new skills that are going to take you to new places. Don’t be a Mr. Know-it-all like I once was.  You can learn something about anything from anyone with a real dream.

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