Pushing Yourself To The Limit.

top of the worldWe live in one of the greatest nations in the world. The United States of America is a place in which you can live your life any which way you want.  One of the best freedoms we have is to have the ability to leave our mark on society; to leave a legacy in which the world will or will not know who you were throughout your life.

I think that one of the noblest things you can do with your life is to leave your mark on the world around you. Did you make this world a better place during your stay or were you just a taker and said the hell with the world.

Goal Setting

Goals are what separate the achievers from the non-achievers.  They are what will determine how far you go in life.  Set you goals with high expectations.  Make your expectations so high that you are bound to not hit them.  By doing so, you will push yourself to limits you never thought possible.

Too many people don’t set goals or set them too low and guess what?  They hit them.  What kind of excellence is that?  What kind of example does that set for you, your family and everyone else around you.

Whether you know it or not, people are watching over your life. Do you want to be seen as a slouch or a total winner?

Too many people see failure as an end all.  I see failure as success.  The only thing that separates me from the people I look up to and model myself after is the amount of times that they have failed, far surpasses the amount of times I have failed.  A little different perspective isn’t it?

Thinking Differently

Over the years, I have learned to think a lot different than most people.  I am not chasing the same things that most Americans are chasing.  For most, they chase money, wealth and fortune and it evades them.

I learned to chase thought process and skill sets.  I learned that applied knowledge is power and that if you just stayed focused on increasing the value of people around you and concentrated on making this world a better place by you having passed through it that eventually money, wealth and fortune would start chasing you.  It’s the law of attraction at work.

You see, Napolean Hill said it best in his book “Think and Grow Rich”.  The first chapter is titled, “Thoughts are Things”. What you think about most is what you will manifest in your life.  If your constantly think about what is missing in your life and how unhappy you are in your current circumstances, you will only attract more of that.

If you can flip the switch in your head and start concentrating on how you really want your life to be and put strong emotion and action behind your conviction, the universal laws will kick in and bring those things to fruition in your life.

I know, you think all that is way too spiritual for you right?  Perhaps that is why your in the position your in.  To live a different life and achieve different results than you have experienced up until this point in your life, you MUST change the way you think and what you are doing.

Taking It To The Top

Have you ever really thought about what you are actually capable of?  Each of us is capable of doing more than we did yesterday.  It all starts with a decision backed by belief backed by massive action.

Over deliver on your promises to yourself.  Don’t ever put off to tomorrow what you can easily do today.  Procrastination is a disease that plagues our nation.  It causes poverty, broke mindedness and sickness.  It will cause you to hate who you are and is a total dream stealer.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.  It’s what we do with that time that will determine how far you go in your journey through life.

Push Yourself To The Limit……………………………..

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    Great artice Josh, thanks for this invaluable information

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    Keep it Rolling!!!

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