MLM is a Joke – Yep I Said it!

jokeI know, that is a bold statement and I am sure I will have some of the industries “Guru’s” jumping down my throat about that statement, but lets face it.   Most of the products that are marketed in the MLM industry are not even worthy of their weight and if they are, they are WAY over priced.

I know, your saying that people get into MLM to make money not worry about the cost of the product right?  Yep, heard it all before. I also know that your product is exclusive to your company and can’t be found anywhere else and that’s why its $45 a bottle.  No, it’s $45 bucks a bottle so that everyone in the line of sponsorship moving the product can get paid on it.

You see, after being around for some years, I have seen a thing or two, experienced first hand a thing or two and know more then a few things about the MLM business model and how it all works.  Does it work?  Sure it does, however not for many.

Take any MLM company and divide the number of total distributors with the amount of people making a full time income or rather $1000 a month in PROFIT!  You would be surprised at how that number is probably 1/100th of 1%.  That’s right.  I’ve done the numbers.  What does that tell you?

Here is the big problem with MLM

You have companies that have one goal in mind. Moving product!  While they think that they have “The Best” compensation plan on earth and a “World Class” leadership team, here is what they are missing.

Marketing knowledge!  They have no godly clue how to fricking market their product, nor teach their distributors how to market their product.

Sure they teach you how to set up shop in someone’s home and do a sampling, tasting or whatever.  That’s not marketing. That’s pushing your product on people.  I know, you invited them and they came.  Yea, but they had no clue that in order for them to move product that they are going to have to do the same exact thing.  It’s weak. Extremely weak.

Ok, so there are some of you out there reading this saying, well my product is “Money”. I move gold and silver assets.  No, you move overpriced precious metals that you will NEVER recoupe what you spent on it. $100 silver eagles?  Come on. I don’t care whether they are numismatic or criptonic, you have an overpriced asset.

And then there are tons of other wishy washy products being marketed through the MLM business model.  The bottom line is, it is a model built on the dependence on other people to create your income.

Sure there are many people who have made millions in the business, but for those few people, in respect to the other distributors out there, there are VERY FEW people actually making money. Infact the average MLM distributor makes less then $200 a month.  That’s sad.

So what is the alternative?


I would rather get paid for what I produce with a small emphasis on helping my team succeed and get a back end residual income from that.  I like big fat UPFRONT commissions rather then tiny $50-$100 commissions offered in the MLM world.  Ok, so some may be like $300-$400, still pretty weak.

Think about how many products in MLM you have to move to have a $10k month. Way too many.  In direct sales, with the right product line, you can make that in a single sale.

Now I have to ask.  Would you rather sell 1000 vitamin bottles and make a $10 commission on each one to reach your $10k? or…. Sell One high end/high value information product and do that $10k in one smooth transaction?

I think I know your answer.

Then why do so many people squander their time in the MLM industry?  Why are so many struggling, frustrated,etc?  Lack of knowledge.  In the bible it clearly states in Hosea 4:6 “My people perish from a lack of knowledge”.

I think that people have the wrong expectations and make the decision to get started in the industry based on emotions and when those emotions are gone they are left with a hobby they had no business getting started with in the first place.

This is real business here.  Either poop or get off the pot.  Your not going to get into this industry, direct sales, MLM, network marketing and not work your ass off to make it.  It just won’t happen.

You must be willing to completely change who you are to make it in any of these business models.

I would love to hear what you have to say about this post. Good, bad or ugly, I promise you won’t hurt my feelings.


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