What It Means To Be Committed To Your Network Marketing Business.

How Commited Are You?

How Commited Are You?

Commitment – the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action.

I was about 10 years old, living on the North shore of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands when I got my first surfboard.  Back then I was a little fella with no fear whatsoever.  My surfboard was about 9 feet (a long board) in those days’ standards.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. My friends’ older brother was taking us surfing at the world famous Hookipa State Park, which yields some of the biggest, nastiest winter waves in the world and also a world famous windsurfing and Kite Surfing spot.

Anyways, a storm has recently blown through and the waves were huge that day.  We got to the beach, I waxed up my board and for the first time in my life I paddled out into uncharted waters with waves 4 times my height.

It was a struggle just to get past the white water past the break.  I got pounded by sets coming in several times, as I was paddling out.

The moment I left the beach and started paddling, I was committed.  I became even more committed once I got out there where the break was and the only way back in was to catch a wave and on a long board, you can’t just drop into a 18 foot wave laying down, you have to get up, make a quick turn and ride it.

Here was the moment of truth.  I saw a set rolling in across the horizon and while I thought I was far enough out, I had to paddle out to these waves even further.  My heart pumping, nervous as hell as to what was about to happen to me.  I lined up, turned around and started paddling to catch the first wave of the day.  Off I went, dropping into a monstrous wave, barely catching my balance as I stood up and like a fighter jet, quickly dropped into a very steep wave probably doing about 45 MPH.  Looking down, all I saw was shallow water and a huge wall of water in front of me as I turned into the wave.

At this point, there is no turning back.  Your either going to totally eat reef, water or make it out the other side of the huge barrel.  Needless to say, I didn’t make it. I was swallowed up, tossed and turned under water for what seemed like an eternity.  I had no idea how powerful these waves were and that I would be held underwater for so long. Finally I was able to plant 1 foot on some coral below, push off of it and surged towards the surface.  I broke the surface of the water totally gasping for air and exhausted, only to see another set of huge waves coming my way.

This was another moment of truth for me.  I could either quickly get back on my board or leave it hanging by my leash and swim under the coming waves, which is what I did.  As I got totally creamed by these next 4 waves, I was wiped out.

Finally there was a break in the waves and I slowly paddled back into the shore. I felt like I had just gotten hit by a Mack truck.  Scrapes covered my body from the coral I got smashed into during my wipeout and I just laid there for at least ten minutes on the beach catching my breath.

I tell you this story because it was the beginning for me in really understanding what commitment was all about.

Fast forward to today, I can tell you that I have taken that commitment level into everything I have done up until this point in my life in business and with my family. The ocean, since then, has taught me a lot about commitment and respect.

We live in a world where I feel that people are afraid to commit. When people get started with a new business venture, most of them say things like, “I’ll give it a shot and see how it works out.”  This is far from commitment; in fact it’s a copout.  Basically what that person is saying is they will give it a try and if it doesn’t work out they will go back to whatever they were doing before. Fricking Lame!!!!

To succeed at anything in life, you have to be 110% committed with all resources put forth ahead of time.  You can’t expect to be successful at anything in life with one foot in and one foot out mentality and physically.

The movers and shakers have decided ahead of time that whatever they put their minds, money and energy into, they are going to win at it.

People come up with all kinds of excuses as to why something didn’t work out for them and most of these excuses blame external circumstances for the shortcoming.  The fact is, we are all 100% responsible for where we are in life, the decisions we make good or bad.  With that said, isn’t it time you decided you’re going to win no matter what comes your way?

Circumstances will always stand in your way and people, rather than barreling through the challenges, often use them as an excuse to why they didn’t accomplish the task at hand.  It’s not the circumstances that keep people from moving ahead in life, it’s the way they think about those circumstances.

There is a 90% failure rate in the Network Marketing industry and that is a fact.  When I say fail, I mean that 90% of people that come in either don’t give it 100% effort and drop out or they stay around for years, spending more money than they are making.

If your one of those people, you’re not to blame.  You have not been told the truth about what it takes to be successful in this crazy industry, don’t have the tools necessary to succeed and have not surrounded yourself with the talent necessary to take your business to the level in which you originally intended.

Your commitment can be turned on in an instant.  It all starts with a quality decision backed by massive action put behind that decision.

Make the decision today to take your future into your own hands.  Sure there are better companies, compensation plans, etc. out there. Take what you have your hands on and become a student of your business.  Start treating your network marketing business like a true asset instead of a hobby and it will start paying you like one.

With that said, on a scale of 1-10, what number defines how committed you really are to your business?  What steps are you going to put into place right now and commit to?

Let’s make it happen.

Josh Boxer

Internet Wealth Pros

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