Are You Living a Guilt Free or Guilt Stricken Life?

No one likes to talk about it openly.

Hardly anyone speaks about it because it hurts

Yet, it affects all of us on a daily basis.  It’s Guilt.

Guilt that we have not done what we said we would

do today.  Guilt that we don’t spend as much time

with our Family.  Guilt that we haven’t said “I Love

You” often enough to the people WE KNOW truly

deserve to hear it.  Guilt that we haven’t called our

parents in like a month because life happened.

Guilt that we didn’t put money in the Boot at

the traffic light last Saturday when the volunteer

firemen were trying to raise money for new fire suits.

Guilt that we haven’t made amends with an old

friend.  Guilt that we flipped the guy off the other

day for cutting you off and Christians are not supposed

to do that kind of stuff.  Guilt that we didn’t go to Church

on Sunday Morning because we were up late partying

with friends.

I could go on and on with this list.

The fact is, we were not put on this earth to go through

life feeling guilty about EVERYTHING we THINK we

should be doing but don’t.  Do you put yourself in a

pressure cooker every time something doesn’t go quite

your way?  Stop it.

To live a guilt free life, you have to learn to let go.  Let

go of the hurt, the past and the pain.

Everyone has some kind of baggage and I mean everyone.

Letting go is probably one of the hardest lessons in life

and one of the healthiest.  Holding on to things can make

you ill, in fact it can make you very ill.  Understand that

you have the ability to let go of anything you want.  All

it takes is a little reprogramming of your mind.  What you

constantly tell yourself over and over again in your head is

ultimately who you are and who you are determines what

you are.

All the best,


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