Finishing Strong – Your Journey In Network Marketing.

Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong

Starting Strong/Finishing Weak

Back in high school I was a wrestler. Yes I had to wear a skimpy singlet and head gear and probably looked like a dork, but let me tell you, as far as training goes, there is no sport that tests your endurance more.  For some reason at every wrestling match about 3 minutes in, if I lasted that long, I would run out of gas.

I was a very strong starter. I came out on the mat in a match with blazing guns and would try to take my opponent out in the first minute or so.  I knew I had to as I knew I was known to run out of gas by the second round and would ultimately get pinned.  I was not a strong finisher.  Why? I think it was probably mindset more than anything. Back then, I knew little about how my own mind worked, but through previous experiences, I taught myself that I couldn’t go past that second round and if I was going to win, I had to do it quickly.

A Transition To Network Marketing

Fast forward a bunch of years, I found myself in network marketing in my early 30’s.  I came out of the gates fired up and thought I was going to have my first six and they would have their six and so on, so forth.  I was like a mortar on the 4th of July.

I did sponsor 9 people in my first month in business and got all kinds of recognition.  Three months later, it was just me.  Why?  Because I let my foot off the gas thinking I had everyone in place to start building an organization and one by one, they quit.  I won’t get into how we went about sponsoring new reps as that is a whole other story.

Lesson Learned

I learned a valuable lesson though.  You have to create momentum in network marketing.  Personal momentum ALWAYS preceeds group momentum.  What happened was I was so busy trying to help those 9 build their organizations that I stopped sponsoring.  Little did I know that you NEVER stop sponsoring until you have at least 10 people on your team who have duplicated what you have done and they have people duplicating as well.

Finishing Strong

We live in a society where it has become acceptable to quit.  Take a look at the divorce rate.  Have a look at all of the people who are perfectly able to work but sit back on a piddly workers comp check or unemployment check.  Let’s face it, most people look for the easy way out.

Finishing strong means to commit. Commitment is putting all resources on the table ahead of time and burning the bridges behind you to hinder retreat.  It takes being passionate, consistent and persistent until the goal has been reached.  For some, it’s a lifelong endeavor.

Let Me Try This Out

I see way too many people who take a stab at the network marketing industry and have the “I will give it a try mentality.” If that is you, If you have put a 60-90 day trial on whether it will work for you or not, do yourself a favor and quit NOW!  It takes a good 3-5 years to create anything great.  Yes there are people that build organizations at lightening speed, however, it will take a while to get educated and up to speed.

Your Why Will Determine How High You Fly

When I ask people why they are interested in having a business of their own, I hear all kinds of reasons. A year down the road, those reasons change and become clearer.  Problem is, most don’t hang around long enough to manifest their “Why”.

You must know exactly what you want. It has to be a burning desire and something you get emotional about or you will fold like a house built of cards when times get tough.  And they will get tough. You must have a crystal clear picture of why you are doing what your doing on a daily basis and have your short term and long term goals set to become successful at anything.

In The End

I think for the most part that everyone wants to finish strong.  Make it happen. Do not waiver. Be Strong enough to battle the storms when they come and when it is all said and done and you have laid your sword on the battlefield at the end of the fight, you will know that you have made a difference in the world around you and carried out your own destiny in life..  Finish Strong.

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