How To Go The Extra Mile In Life and In Business.

Going the extra mile

“Extra Mile Actions”

I woke up this morning at 6:30am Eastern Time. It was 43 degrees here in Cumming, Georgia and I had plans to meet my friend Todd Staley at the Greenway (A wilderness trail we have come to like running through).  I have my hat, gloves, earbuds and ipod ready to roll.

I arrive at 7am, it’s still pitch dark and there are about 15 other people either waiting for others or for it to daybreak.  One chick had a head-light on.  Anyways, Todd showed up and we were off.

Keep in mind, neither of us have ran 5 miles in 4-1/2 months.

We get to the 2-1/2 mile mark and turn around.  I was feeling good, the cool air kept me from profusely sweating. Then came the last mile.  Mile number 4.  My legs were starting to burn a little and that little voice came on.  You know the voice of the little guy on your shoulder that talks to you and tries to convince you to be less then you really are.

“Go The Extra Mile”

“You can stop Josh, you’ve already blown past half the people who started way before you and You’ve done good, take just a brief stop and walk for a bit, then pick it back up.”  Any athlete will tell you that it’s in those moments that you realize just how powerful you really are.

How To Go The Extra Mile in life and business from josh boxer on Vimeo.

It’s in those moments that winners are made.

So anyway, I cranked it up a notch in the last 1/2 mile.  I ended up sprinting as fast as I could to the 5 mile marker. You know what?  I thought to myself, that’s not enough. Anyone can stop at 5, I’ve made it this far, I am going to go the extra mile… Well sorta. I ran another 1/10 of a mile.

I don’t tell you this to brag or lift myself up, I am just telling you what happened for me and hope it may inspire you in some magical way.

You know what I did this morning?

I earned my own respect.  While I am interested in earning the respect of others, I really only want tthe respect of those who respect me.

Anyway, after the run, Todd and I headed to the gym for what we call “The Gun Show”. Basically, it’s our Saturday morning arm workout.  That was another 45 minutes.

We did more on a Saturday at 9am then 98% of the world.

That is the way you have to attack business or work.  Get in the habit of going the extra mile.  Start with baby steps.  Just like I ran just a little more then 5 miles.  And when I run again next week, I will increase it to 5-1/2 or 6 miles.

I always have a daily method of operation and a group of people that hold me to a high level of accountability.  I am committed to doing at least a blog post a day, one article or Press Release a Day, A Video a day and writing at least 5-10 new ads a day.   I am also committed to doing the 5 things leaders do daily.

1.)    Visualize/Meditate on Their Goals: Every leader wakes up and goes to bed visualizing their goals for a few minutes a day.  You have to put yourself in the dream for it to ever come to fruition.  When you do this, you create intention and it’s intention that the world responds to.

2.)    Income Producing Activities/ Massive Action: The only thing that pays you in the Internet Marketing/Network Marketing business is talking to people and marketing.  Don’t forget that.

3.)    Personal Development: The best leaders work harder on themselves then they do on their business.  Your business will never outgrow your self esteem.  Leaders are readers.  Leaders spend time increasing their own personal value by learning new skills and teaching those new skills.

4.)    Masterminding With Other Network Marketing Leaders: This is one of the most important things leaders do.  You will become most like the 5 people that you spend the most time with. Enough said.

5.)    Cultivation and Expectation of Leadership – Leaders play from the front and the top. If you ever want to be one and attract them, you must have the windburn on your face.

So I have to ask….. Are you an extra mile kind of person?  Do you want to be?

All you have to do is flip the switch.

It’s just about making the decision that you want to win in every area of your life.

Going the extra mile inspires others around you to go the extra mile.  No one wants to get left behind or feel inadequate. You can’t be a slacker in one part of your life and expect to be a Rock Star in another part of it.

Now go.  Go do the thing and have the power!





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