Burn the Ships

ships-burning1Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortez landed in Mexico back in the early 1500’s and faced much adversity.  He had 10 ships with over a thousand men.  When they landed, they were up against an army nearly 4 times their numbers.  To ensure their victory, Hernando Cortez ordered his men to burn the ships.

You see, he knew that humans had an inate way of going back to what is comfortable.   Hernando and his men went on to be victorious.  This was so because he took away any method of retreat so the only way for him and his men to move was forward.

In life, I think it is a valuable lesson to sometimes have to “Burn the ships” to get to where we want to be in life.  You have to be willing to overcome circumstances and barrel through adversity.  Most are not willing to do this which is why many fail in life.

Close off all ways of retreat and you are sure to win.

Josh Boxer

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  1. Tim Bruce says:

    One of my favorite stories.. Great advice Box.

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