How To Achieve Network Marketing Success By Changing The Way You Think

Whether you know it or not, EVERYTHING you have, do and say has to do with the way you think.  We all have this inner voice that speaks to us on a daily basis.  To truly achieve network marketing success, we have to be very conscience of that voice and what we allow it to tell us.

The voice will either empower or quite frankly take away our power.

What story are you playing over and over in your head about why you can or cannot do certain things.  Think about the things in your business that you know you should be doing to get results but your not doing them because you have tried them before and didn’t get the results you are looking for or….. Things just keep getting in your way of completing the task.

We all go through these things in Network/Internet Marketing/MLM or whatever business we are in.

The most powerful thing you can do to change all of this is to change your internal and external dialog. When you are speaking with people are you using words like try, hope, want, need, should, can’t, won’t, hard or tough?  These are all words of dis-empowerment. These words will keep you from your god given blessings and hold you back from achieving your full potential.

Starting today, be more conscience of what your thinking about and the story that your telling yourself and others.  Starting today, start telling yourself a different story – one of empowerment, courage, dignity, loyalty and doing what you say your going to do, when you say your going to do it.

A great way to change the way you think is to start a serious 30 minute a day reading regiment.  A great book for you is “What to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter . This book will change your life, but… Like anything else, you have to commit to reading it.

The mind is a very powerful part of our body’s and yet we hardly come close to using its full potential.  To achieve the success you came  to the network marketing industry for, you are going to have to work on you more then you work on your business.  It’s become so clear to me over the years that without constant work on myself, I don’t stand a chance in the long haul.

To Your Unlimited Success,

Josh Boxer

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