A Life Lesson From Three Birds And Their Mother.

three little birdsI have a weeping Japanese Maple tree in my back yard in which there has been a birds next up there for a few years.

My family and I have had the privilege of watching the building of the nest, the laying of the eggs and the life cycle of those three eggs all the way up to the day they were strong enough to take flight.

When those eggs hatch, that mother has to constantly be hunting for food to bring back to the nest and breaks up the food in her mouth and then feeds it to her chicks.  Without her, they are helpless.  They cant even move much for the first week or so.

I correlate those birds to people who are just getting started in business, especially online business.

At first we are helpless and initially looking to get enough nourishment in the beginning of our careers, to move to the next level.  In our case, you should have a mentor.  Someone who can feed you the knowledge to get yourself started on the right foot.

You need to lay a solid foundation before you do anything.  Solid foundations in anything will stand the test of time.  The mother bird doesn’t just drop her eggs anywhere.  She meticulously places each branch and piece of straw together to form the nest in which she is going to lay her eggs.  She built the foundation first.

Over the first month of the chicks life, they are solely dependent.  Over time, they gain enough strength to start flapping their wings.  They do this for about a week, strengthening their wing muscles.

The coolest thing is watching these little birds taking their first leap of faith. Never having flown before, they literally take flight for the first time and make it happen.  There is no test flights as failure is a pretty high drop right to the ground.

One thing I also noticed is that during that week right before the young ones flew off, the mother would show them how to take off for their flight.  She would take off, turn around and come right back, showing her young how its done.  Truley an amazing process to watch.

Now, taking a look at how we learn how to become successful, we take in knowledge and apply that knowledge.  At first we need some tending to.  You may spend more time in the beginning engulfed in learning the basics and being coachable, teachable and trainable.

At some point your going to have to be able to take off on your own and create your own success without having that crutch (your mentor) at your side all of the time.

True leaders have the windburn on their face and lead from the front.  They are not afraid to take calculated risk, knowing that every time they fail, they really succeed.

A lot of people correlate failure to something that is bad.  Failure is the best teacher of success, granted you learn from the mistakes made and move forward.

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